ScrumLabScrumLab is the definitive catalog of Scrum knowledge, theory, and research. It's 20 years of practicing, consulting, and teaching Scrum distilled into an interactive online resource. Here you will find the tools to understand, implement, and accelerate your Scrum.

ScrumLab Open is a free resource that explains the basic framework, roles and key patterns.  A ScrumLab Prime membership gives you access to detailed analysis of the Scrum framework, the latest research, and advanced topics. Prime members enjoy unrestricted access to all online courses, exclusive events, and advanced topics such as Agile Architecture or how to organize distributed Scrum teams.

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ScrumLab Open

Scrum Inc. The Sprint

Free  to everyone, ScrumLab Open covers all the roles, ceremonies, and artifacts; the fundamentals of Scrum. Topics includes clear definitions, insightful videos from the inventor of Scrum as well as published papers and patterns on best Scrum Practices. ScrumLab open is perfect for the Scrum curious, the Scrum beginner and the advanced practitioner looking to buttress their fundamentals. Click on the Sprint image on your right to get a visual guide to the Scrum framework.

 ScrumLab Prime

Scrum Inc. Scrum at Scale

ScrumLab Prime is the definitive resource for the latest research, thought and practice of Scrum. It is designed not only to help Teams increase their Velocity and continuously improve but to help drive revenue. ScrumLab Prime is packed with expanded content that includes insightful videos, papers and patterns from some of the leading minds in Scrum.

ScrumLab Prime is also home to our online course library. Learn how to write and negotiate an Agile Contract, how to architect your project to allow iterative development, and why its crucial to estimate in points, not hours. ScrumLab Prime also reserves you a seat for all future live on-line courses. We broadcast a new course every month. Join Prime


Popular Topics

Hyper-Productive Metrics

Hyper-Productive metrics are designed to help Scrum Masters carefully tune their teams into a hyper-productive state. Hyper-Productivity is defined as a 400% increase in Velocity over the baseline Vel...

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Getting to Done

One of the key principles in the Agile Manifesto is to have working software at the end of every sprint. Yet, only 20% of teams that call themselves ’agile’ actually do this. That is a lot of bad agil...

Scrum Inc. Getting to Done
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Scrum in Sales

Scrum's origins are in software development, but it is often used in other domains. Manufacturing, education, contracting, defense, even non-profit work. One area of early success in adopting Scrum ha...

Scrum Inc. Partners
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Scrum at Scale Part III

Jeff Sutherland and the Scrum Inc. team present Scrum at Scale Part III - an object-oriented model for scaling Scrum across the business. The modular approach allows for the overall system to work tog...

Scrum Inc. Scrum at Scale

Scaling Scrum

Scaling Scrum is a challenge that many large organizations face as they implement Teams across more and more of their operations. Coordinating multiple Teams that are working on multiple projects can ...

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