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Value Stream Management

Uncover inefficiencies. Eliminate waste.
Deliver More Value.

When Change Is the Only Constant

Are You A
Change Agent?

Time is money. This we know. The ability to see and resolve bottlenecks before they derail delivery is critical. How do you gain this essential insight? How do you apply it consistently and confidently?

Become a Change Agent in your organization.

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Ensure the success of agile product development and delivery.

Value Stream Management is a critical aspect of lean operations that contributes to the success of agile product development and delivery. It is directly proportional to improving process efficiency, which Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum identifies as one of the most important metrics in Scrum.

Our Value Stream Management workshop is the only offering on the market that links real-world concepts from Scrum to Value Stream Management!

Innovate and Accelerate

In this Value Stream Management workshop, our instructors share insights and strategies developed from years of successful Agile transformations across the globe.

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Determine and develop current and future state Value Stream Maps
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Identify dependencies and generate diagrams of organization processes
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Detect overproduction and discover other forms of waste to reduce process cycle times

Explore the Latest in Thought Leadership

Leading Insights in Value Stream Management & Analysis

About the

Value Stream Management Workshop

Who Is This Course For? It’s for anyone who desires to create greater efficiencies within their ecosystems. When you join us, you’ll learn how to implement value stream management through a combination of hands-on exercises and the review of real-world case studies from teams across a diverse set of industries.

The Scrum framework + Value Stream Mapping is a powerful one-two punch that empowers teams to:

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Map processes for complex products and product portfolios

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Identify dependencies for processes that involve development efforts from multiple teams

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Determine and develop current and future state Value Stream Maps

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Detect overproduction and other forms of waste to reduce process cycle times

What Students Are Saying:

“Great learning opportunity with just the right amount of doing.”

Agile Coach

“I now know where to start implementing VSM and OKRs, got the tools and the process steps how to do the implementation.”

Scrum Master/Coach

“I understand now how to create value streams maps, process maps, how to optimize the value streams maps, the difference between them and the metrics that can be used.”

Alexandrea U.
Scrum Master

Reduce Waste In Your Systems

Develop and optimize your value stream to ensure the success of Agile product development and delivery.

Determine and identify the measurable flow of value, while creating opportunities for better alignment & collaboration among teams.

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