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Improving the Way Teams Work

Founded by the co-creator of Scrum, Scrum Inc. is the premier provider of Scrum training and consulting. We can help you dramatically increase productivity and value.

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Cover of Scrum - The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

Scrum the Book

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. Over 100,000 copies sold worldwide.

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Scrum Trainers Teach From Experience

Ever wonder what it takes to be a Scrum Trainer? Scrum Inc.'s own Nigel Thurlow outlines how experience, passion and a thirst for knowledge are critical for this career in his blog post.

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Scrum Co-creator Jeff Sutherland is Heading to Silicon Valley

Dr. Jeff Sutherland will be in Freemont, CA at Tesla to deliver Certified Scrum Training in July. Register for Scrum Master training Jul. 17 & 18 or Product Owner class July 20 & 21.

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Scrum Training & Certification

The basics of Scrum are easy, implementing them is hard. We offer in-person, online, and on-demand Scrum courses for people at every level of Agile experience:

Scrum Training

We offer certified Scrum courses and custom Scrum training. See our Training page for more details. Or find a class now. 

Coaching and Consulting

We offer strategic consulting, leadership workshops, scaling workshops, team launches, and capability assessments. See our coaching and consulting page for details.

Learn Scrum Online

ScrumLab is our on-demand scrum training option. It gives you the tools you need to implement, grasp and improve your Scrum.

Just Getting Started

Learn the fundamentals of Scrum. What is Scrum? Why is Scrum used? How does Scrum work?

Improve Your Scrum

Join us each month for a free Scrum webinar. We cover a new agile topic each month. Register today to reserve your spot.

Thought Leadership

Scrum Inc. continually publish books, Scrum Papers, and case studies that help clarify Scrum and Agile best practices.


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Deliver Value Faster

From Fortune 100 companies to the newest of start-ups, Scrum Inc. transforms companies into Agile enterprises. The market changes fast. We can build innovation into your process.

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