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Gain and Maintain a Competitive Advantage with Scrum@Scale

with Scrum Inc. Agile Transformation Consultants

A Scaling Framework that Delivers

Enterprise-Wide Business Agility

Now, more than ever, organizations are using Scrum@Scale to achieve their goal of business agility. This is why we are often asked, “Where do we start?”. In this 1-hour webinar, a panel of Scrum Inc. experts answer that question and explain how organizations can gain and maintain a competitive advantage by successfully applying Scrum@Scale.
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What You’ll Learn in the Webinar Recording:

  • Specific ways Scrum@Scale helps achieve business agility
  • Proven ways to successfully start implementing Scrum@Scale
  • The role of a reference model – and how to pick the right one for your organization
  • How to instill a continual improvement mindset regardless of Agile practices
  • How to optimize a dual-operating system incorporating both Scrum@Scale and traditional practices
  • How a ‘volunteer army’ can and will accelerate your transformation and boost your return on investment

Ready to take your teams to the next level?

Gather the information you need to get started with Scrum@Scale with our Scrum Inc. Readiness Checklist, the perfect resource for the Scrum@Scale curious.

Who Should Watch This Webinar?

Those Looking to Achieve More

This webinar uses real-world examples and case studies to help organizations evolve. If you are:

  • An Agile Leader
  • An Agile Practice Member
  • A Change Champion
  • An Internal Agile Coach
  • An Agile Community Member
  • Or Someone Considering Organizational Change

Then this webinar is perfect for you.

Watch the Recording:

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Agile Insights

How Scrum@Scale Helps Achieve Business Agility

Scrum Inc.’s Avi Schneier explains business agility, organizational design, and how the Scrum@Scale framework helps to make Agile part of your company’s DNA.

Featured Case Studies:

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Scrum@Scale case studies span a wide range of industries and domains.
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The Scrum at Scale Framework

Agile Unleashed at Scale

Learn how John Deere’s Global IT group successfully implemented a self-sustaining Agile transformation that boosted enterprise output by 165%, reduced time-to-market by 63%, and increased employee engagement and happiness.

Rocket Mortgage Delivers Twice the Value at Half the Cost at Scale

This peer-reviewed IEEE white paper explains how layering Scrum@Scale on top of a large Scaled Agile implementation helped Rocket Mortgage reduce average feature cycle time from 83.7 days to 11.6 days and increased feature delivery by 721%.

Meet The Panel

Avi Schneier

Avi Schneier

Principal Agile Transformation Consultant

A contributing editor of the Scrum@Scale Guide, Avi’s current emphasis is “Scrum Beyond I.T.”. He has successfully partnered with organizations ranging from biotechs to consumer-packaged goods. Avi sees Scrum@Scale as THE key to delivering business agility in environments where rapid change is now the norm. In addition to his consulting, training, and coaching work, Avi was part of our team that created several advanced courses. These include our new Agile Leader@Scale, Product Owner@Scale, Value Stream Management, and Scrum Master@Scale classes.
Amy Madson

Amy Madson

Enterprise Agile Transformation Consultant

Amy has a long track record of success with Agile transformations. Her expertise includes corporate security, strategic sourcing, global travel, supply chain, information technology, and engineering. Before coming to Scrum Inc., Amy led an Agile Center of Excellence, a Digital Product Team startup, an Agile Ambassador program startup, and served on an engineering Agile transformation program team focused on external product deliveries. She currently partners with Fortune 100 organizations and their Agile transformation journeys.
Dan LeFebvre

Dan LeFebvre

Principal Agile Transformation Consultant

Dan has successfully applied Agile practices to deliver products and transform organizations since 2003. An expert in implementing Dual Operating Systems, he now partners with Fortune 100 companies to help guide their Agile transformations. Before coming to Scrum Inc., Dan spent two years as the internal Agile coach for Kronos, where he coordinated and implemented Scrum within the 700-person engineering organization across all sites including Massachusetts, Atlanta, Chicago, Oregon, Montreal, British Columbia, Belgium, and India.

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