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Choose Your Agile Journey

Your Agile journey is an unfolding story of growth, innovation, and transformation.

Ready to begin the next chapter in your career? Explore our pathways below.

Scrum Team Member

You are a member of a team, or you interact with a team that practices Scrum. This journey will align you with the foundations of Scrum and how to be an impactful team member.

Courses in this path:

Agile Coach

You are passionate about guiding and empowering teams to embrace Agile principles, enhance collaboration, and adapt to change, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. This journey will help you become an impactful coach within your organization.

Courses included path:

Agile Leadership

You are aligning teams, departments, and stakeholders, navigating change within your organization. In this journey, you’ll focus on value creation and fostering a culture of continuous improvement  through the lens of agility.

Courses included path:

Scrum Master

You are passionate about removing obstacles and driving better team performance. In this journey, you will learn to foster agility and guide a team to embrace Scrum principles.

Courses in this path:

VSM - Value Stream Management Badge


Scaled Scrum Master

You are passionate about helping your organization deliver a cohesive set of outcomes. This journey provides you with the expertise to scale Scrum practices across multiple teams to bridge gaps, optimize performance, and foster a culture of agility.

Courses included path:

VSM - Value Stream Management Badge

Enterprise Agile Consultant

You are passionate about aligning strategies, processes, and culture from an outside perspective. This journey helps you propel enterprises toward lasting success in today’s dynamic business landscape utilizing training & coaching.

Courses included path:

VSM - Value Stream Management Badge

Product Owner

You are accountable for product success, advocating value, and prioritizing for a team. This journey helps you ensure your team’s effort culminates in customer value that reflects your vision.

Courses in this path:

Scaled Product Owner

You are a leader driving value across multiple interconnected teams. This journey equips you with the Scrum@Scale principles to shape product vision, coordinate priorities, and facilitate cohesive development to maximize customer value.

Courses included path:

Registered Scrum Trainer

You are a trainer with a proven track record of educating students. This journey equips you to drive high performance and enable tangible and measurable results by teaching the Scrum framework to teams and organizations.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

”My learning experience exceeded my expectations. I found the course to be very interactive with concise communication. The game and the team activities helped to solidify the information being taught. This learning experience boosted my confidence to put scrum into practice. “

Aisha Duke

Scrum Master Course, (Private Company)

“In the past ten years, I have tried several models to enable multiple Agile teams to coordinate, and Scrum at Scale provides the most pragmatic, streamlined and organic framework for scaling product development with Scrum.”

Jason Tanner

Product Owner Course, (Private Company)

“The instructors were able to use real world examples extensively to describe scaling techniques. In addition, using Scrum throughout the class was a great way to reinforce previously learned techniques for running Scrum amongst teams.” 

Paul Wood

Scrum@Scale Course, Financial Data and Media

The training was great. The trainers stayed on track while still answering questions and the balance of learning vs. practice was also really well balanced.  It felt like each time I was reaching capacity with the material, we either had an activity to break it up or a break.

Laura Hemsworth

Scrum in HR Course, Assistant to the Director of PeopleOps

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