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Our featured case studies and papers highlight organizations across industries who are implementing Scrum and Scrum@Scale to increase productivity, accelerate growth, and remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Read their inspiring stories:

A Simple Exercise That Can Refocus Your Business

Learn how a simple exercise helped a once profitable division to regain focus and its dominance.

Scrum in Sales

Learn how the iSense sales and account management teams adopted Scrum and transformed their process and sales results.

Scrum in Venture Capital

Learn how OpenView Venture Partners adopted Scrum as the standard practice in internal operations and in its portfolio companies.

Schlumberger Case Study

Learn how Schlumberger partnered with Scrum Inc. to successfully land their large scale ERP implementation.

Owning the Sky with Agile

Learn how Saab built a Fighter Jet faster, cheaper, and better with Scrum.


Scrum in Church

Learn how Scrum was implemented in a non-profit organizations to improve the working environment and drive higher velocity and quality throughout the organization.

Unleashing Unrealized Growth

Learn how we helped Confirmation, the world's leading provider of secure audit confirmation services, unleash its growth potential.

Scrum@Scale in Oil & Gas

Learn how Scrum Inc. played a pivotal role in a Fortune 500 oil and gas company’s journey to Scrum@Scale.

For a deeper dive on the academic research and papers published by Scrum Inc team members, please see our Scrum Papers page.

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