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Set your teams up for success in the new reality of hybrid working.
Let our experience eliminate your learning curve.


Is your company prepared for hybrid working environments? 

Struggling to identify the best way to approach this new reality?

Ensure a seamless transition to hybrid working with our Scrum Summer Sale. We'll equip you and your teams with the tools, techniques and proven strategies for hybrid work. This ensures your employees are more productive, have more effective communication and are happier than pre-COVID days...all of which means more for your bottom line.

Flatten the learning curve with proven methods to launch, sustain and accelerate employee productivity in hybrid working environments.

hybrid team at tableGet ready for your return to in-office with a solid action plan for sustained productivity and efficiency.


Set your teams (and yourself) up for success by optimizing team communication, culture, collaboration and connection.

(Hint: There’s more to it than using Slack and Zoom.)


Two Ways To Save...


Individual Training

Lead the charge of your team's transition into a hybrid working environment. Learn the skills, tools and techniques that make hybrid, collocated and remote working teams hyper-productive. Our Scrum Master, Product Owner and Scrum@Scale classes highlight the Scrum patterns and principles that directly translate to the success of distributed teams. Click to register for a class* today.

*Offer valid for all courses (Licensed Agile Coach not included). Sale ends July 2nd, 2021.

Use Code HYBRID30 To Save 30%

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Team Training

Upskill your entire team with our group discounts on Scrum trainings. With our extensive library of case studies, successful transformations, real-world examples and discussions you’ll leave not only knowing the 'what' but the 'how'. Schedule a call with our Public Education team to discuss group discounts. Get two hours of free coaching when you purchase five or more seats.


Get Two Hours of Free Coaching

Click Here for Team Training

Employees Are Expecting A Hybrid Option. How Will You Meet The Demand While Ensuring Consistent Productivity?

➤ 77% of respondents agree that post-COVID, having an option to work from home will make them happier.1
➤ 1 in 2 people have said they wouldn’t return to a job that didn’t offer remote work options.1

➤ 75% of people were equally as, or more productive working from home during COVID-191

Choose your path and start today. Learn the framework and tools that make hybrid teams hyper-productive.

The facts are in...

Working from the office DOES NOT automatically equal more productivity.

Top Challenges Affecting Remote Teams:

engaged employees

Staying connected to active works in progress

We'll show you how to keep connected no matter where you are.

employee support

Knowing what work needs to be done next and who is working on it

We’ll show you how to implement a single source of truth so that progress at any point is visible.

empowered employees

Feelings of isolation lead to slow down in productivity

We'll show you how to get your team working together instead of in their own silos.

empowered employees

Leadership’s confidence that the ‘right’ work is being done

We'll show you how to keep leadership in the loop so that they are confident in their teams progress and value delivered.

Why Now?

COVID-19 has presented us with a paradigm shift in the way we work. If your company doesn’t embrace change in the way workers work, you risk being left behind in terms of talent and innovation.

You simply can’t afford to take a ‘wait and see’ approach. The future is now.

1: Source: OwlLabs State of Remote Work COVID 2020 Edition
(Owl Labs in collaboration with Global Workplace Analytics (GWA) surveyed 2,025 full-time workers in the United States between the ages 21 to 65 at companies with 10 or more employees. This survey data was collected in June-July of 2020.)