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Scrum in HR: A Better Way To Engage, Equip & Empower People

This free webinar explores how and why Scrum helps Human Resource professionals tackle some of their most pressing challenges.

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Scrum in HR: People Practices that Engage, Equip & Empower

Agile and Scrum are revolutionizing Human Resources. From employee engagement to policies and practices to recruiting and retention, Scrum helps HR teams create people practices that enhance the work of the organization while limiting risk. If you are an HR professional that is:


Challenged by silos, juggling multiple initiatives, and responding to change after change.

Challenged by a lack of buy-in from people on practices and processes.

Looking to discover new tools and tactics that solve these challenges and lead the way to creating a truly people-centered culture that can respond to change effectively and accelerate performance.


Then you‘ll want to view this webinar on-demand, now.

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What You’ll Learn:

How Scrum is being utilized by Human Resource teams and how it helps solve many common HR issues

How Scrum helps develop people-centered practices and policies that increase engagement and accelerate performance

✔ Why Scrum helps reduce negative impacts to workplace culture when implementing new policies and practices.

Best practices for adopting the Scrum framework in HR

Who Should Watch On-Demand?

If you're working in Human Resources and want to address common problems seen in HR, this webinar is for you. If you find yourself asking:

  • How can we increase employee engagement, accelerate performance, attracting and retaining great people?
  • How can we reduce workplace complexity by focusing on what matters most?
  • How do we break down silos so that we can better align across HR functions?

As we know, practices and policies can sometimes unintentionally impede people in being creative, innovative, and engaged. That is a huge waste. This is a MUST for those in HR looking to solve the real problems facing your organization and the people who make it great. 

Why Now?

HR professionals face increasing challenges. There is more complexity in the workplace and the pace of change is accelerating. Now, more than ever, there is a need to be innovative and engage, equip and empower your people to meet these challenges. Scrum is perfect for the task.

Meet your Host:

Beth Davis

Beth Davis

Founder of The Llewellin Group & llewp

Beth Davis is an experienced people development leader known for her ability to creatively align business strategy to people practices while keeping a passionate focus on workplace culture and values. Her experience spans the globe - working with multi-billion dollar organizations to high-growth entrepreneurial start-ups. Beth’s passion is working with organizations and teams to create workplace cultures that focus on the engagement, performance, and development of talent at all levels of the organization. Developing cultures of self-leadership and coaching that empower individuals, teams, and whole organizations to thrive and deliver incredible value to its customers - reliably and consistently. Beth is an expert in Agility in HR. She also hosts "in the llewp" a podcast dedicated to bringing together diverse and passionate voices dedicated to developing thriving workplace cultures, creating joy (and value) with Scrum, and embracing the agile mindset (in work and in life).

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