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Scrum & EduScrum: Prepare the Workforce of Tomorrow 

This webinar explores how Scrum in Education enables educators to achieve better results with their students and prepares learners for professional careers that are more impactful and fulfilling.


Together, Scrum Inc. and EduScrum aim to prepare the workforce of tomorrow by bringing the world of work into the classroom, and the world of learning into the workplace. In this webinar, we will share how bringing the Scrum values and the Agile mindset into the educational experience enables learners to take ownership of their own journey, increase engagement, improve outcomes, and build a more fulfilling and impactful workplace for tomorrow.

student learning online at laptop
student learning online at laptop


✔ How Scrum is being utilized in the Education and Industry and how it equips our current and future workforce with 21st Century Skills

✔ Results achieved from adopting the Scrum and EduScrum framework

✔ How Scrum and EduScrum framework enriches learning, improves outcomes and increases engagement

✔ Why Scrum and EduScrum framework is best suited to build a more fulfilling and impactful workplace for tomorrow


If you work in Education and/or want to improve the world of work, this webinar is for you. If you find yourself asking:

  • How can we enable learners to take ownership of their own journey?
  • How do we build a more fulfilling and impactful workplace for tomorrow?


Education is evolving to meet the needs of all students. Right now there is an even greater need to increase engagement and respond to the fast pace of change and demand - and Scrum and EduScrum is perfect for the task.

The EduScrum Mission

EduScrum was created and founded by Willy Wijnands. Willy is also the co-creator of Lightschools and co-founder of the worldwide initiative “Agile in Education.” He believes in giving students ownership of their own learning process; in eduScrum students take responsibility for what they do. The effect? Students are more engaged, more productive, and see better results. eduScrum has produced the eduScrum Guide, engages an eduScrum Community, and certifies teachers that complete an eduScrum training course.  

The Scrum Inc. Mission

Scrum Inc.’s mission is to improve the world of work. Our global community of trainers and coaches have worked closely with industry and educational institutions around the world to equip and empower the workforce of tomorrow with the skills and knowledge needed to lead change and create meaningful and impactful careers. Scrum Inc.’s curriculum is evidence-based, recognized by top employers across industries, and continuously evolving to meet the needs of the professional. Employers we work with view job candidates with our credentials as ready to lead from day one on the job.