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Agile Thought Leadership

At Scrum Inc., our decades of Agile consulting experience cuts across diverse industries and domains. Clients rely on us to tackle complex, enterprise-wide challenges, yielding tangible outcomes. Our work often leads to new discoveries, innovative perspectives, and invaluable insights, enabling us to provide industry-leading thought leadership from the field.

Business Agility – The Intersection of Outcomes and Efficiency

There is a debate in the global Agile coaching and training community about whether we should focus on the outcomes or the efficiency of teams. Dr. Jeff Sutherland weighs in on this debate and explains an effective way to measure business agility.

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SI Consulting Chats: Why Agile Transformations Fail

SI Consulting Chats: Why Agile Transformations Fail

Join JJ Sutherland, Scrum Inc. CEO, and Bobby Woods, Principal Consultant, as they discuss some common challenges they see when organizations try to adopt Agile ways of working, patterns of dysfunction, and pathways to success.

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