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Agile Leadership: Trust vs. Control

Featured post by Joel Riddle

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Agile Leadership: Trust vs. Control

Trust vs. Control in Agile Leadership   I Listened to Spotify enterprise coach and Agile thought leader Henrik Knieberg's keynote and loved his analogy on Trust vs. Control. He uses the concept of traffic regulation, specifically a traffic circle vs. an... read more

What I Learned at Toyota

What I Learned at Toyota Test driving the new Toyota hydrogen powered Mirai with Pierre Masai I first met Pierre Masai, CIO of Toyota Motors Europe (TME), a few years ago at the annual Lean IT conference in Paris. Pierre is an agile advocate committed to driving Scrum... read more

Agile Innovation: How to Scrum Ideation

Agile Innovation: How to Scrum Ideation   I’m very interested in the growth and evolution of the Agile process, and its eventual mainstreaming into types of work beyond writing software. In particular, I’m very interested in the intersection of Agile and... read more

How Complexity Changes Leadership

How Complexity Changes Leadership I just finished reading Retired General Stanley McChrystal’s outstanding book: Team of Teams. While the book is not specifically focused on Agile practices, it turns out that when US Troops are dying at the hands of a viral... read more

Who Fires a Scrum Team!?

In an Agile 1.0 organization, where a traditional management structure exists with Scrum teams in delivery roles, management fires the Scrum team if they don’t perform. In an Agile 2.0 organization, where the entire company is re-organized into Scrum teams that... read more

Toyota’s A3 and Root Cause Analysis

The most basic definition of an A3 would be a Plan Do Check Act (P-D-C-A) storyboard or report, reflecting Toyota’s way of capturing the process on one sheet of paper.

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Scrum Metrics: Get 4x Velocity

Get Hyper-Productive with Scrum Metrics Hyper-Productive Metrics are tools that help closely examine Teams and conduct experiments to improve their productivity. They can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly they allow the evaluation of... read more

Jeff Sutherland on Aggressive Scrum

Aggressive Scrum The 2015 Chaos Report from the Standish Group shows only 39% of Agile teams are successful – that means that 61% of them are not meeting the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto. Aggressive Scrum focuses on using Scrum... read more

The Big M Build Party

Scrum Inc.'s Joe Justice and Joel Riddle delivered a build party at SME's The Big M conference the first week in June. Special thanks to Dan Greening, Jonathan Watrous, and Ila Lee. If you are interested in sponsoring or holding a build party at your next event, visit... read more

Scrum Inc. at SXSW

If you're heading to SXSW, on Monday, March 16th, the Scrum Inc. Team is gathering a group of volunteers to build a car from scratch. No experience in Agile or Automotive Manufacturing needed. The eXtreme Manufacturing Build Party will have self-organizing Scrum teams... read more
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