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Scrum Pitfalls Part I

The iterative nature of Scrum is a risk management mechanism that, even when poorly implemented, usually results in at least a 30% improvement in productivity. The rules of Scrum are simple and straightforward, and the underlying principles are intuitive. That is not to say, however, that Scrum is free of pitfalls. In this course, Scrum Pitfalls I, we discuss topics relating to User Stories not truly Ready and Done.

The Scrum Inc team covers:

Pitfalls Overview:
These are several typical missteps that keep both new and experienced Scrum teams from reaching their full potential. This course reviews the most common pitfalls we see our clients encounter. We will discuss ways to recognize and avoid these traps in advance.

See Scrum Pitfalls II which examines Impediment removal and the role of Leadership.


Download Scrum Pitfalls Pt. I Slides

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