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by Megan Freemont-Smith and Kelsey Sparrow | September, 2021 | Blog

How To Make Distributed Teams Work? Use These 4 Agile Strategies

We’ve recently partnered with two companies that are influencing the way people work in distributed environments. Together we have created an e-book that helps teams and organizations of all sizes navigate the new challenges that have emerged. Keep reading to learn more about our partnership with Ministry of Supply and Mural and how it can help you propel your distributed teams.

Ministry of Supply (MOS), known for its chic, office attire had to redesign its business plan overnight. How did a clothing company keep it together without unraveling at the seams? In their most recent case study, MOS credits Scrum for the mindset and openness to pivot the direction of their business. During the pandemic, MOS welcomed the opportunity to rethink work-from-home attire, delighting their customers with joggers instead of suit pants.

Speaking of joggers, how we get to work has changed. It’s no longer a painful commute, to-go coffee cups and an elevator to your cubicle. It’s more like coffee with your kiddos, leftovers for lunch, business shirt on top, and sweatpants on the bottom. But there was something missing, how do you replicate the collaborative experience of a team in front of a whiteboard? That’s where our partner Mural came in. Mural is an online whiteboard tool that allows companies to replicate that creative experience in an asynchronous manner. Not only do organizations use it to brainstorm, draft, sketch and track data, they also use it to keep the team engaged when they are distributed.

As we focus on workspace over workplace, the key concepts of collaboration, connection, intentionality, and sustainability are key focal points in how to make distributed teams work. Inside this ebook, you will dive deeper into these strategies and learn how to leverage Scrum to ignite distributed teams.

Conquer the Challenges Distributed Teams Face