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Scrum Pitfalls Part II

Scrum Pitfalls Part II continues the conversation from Part I and dives deeper into the missteps we see Agile organizations commonly make. This episode will examine the role of leadership in Scrum and the importance of removing the right Impediments. These are some of the more common dysfunctions we see in Agile organizations. The key is recognizing and quickly addressing them.

The Scrum Inc.'s Team covers:

      • Dysfunctional Daily Standups and Sprint Retrospectives
      • Velocity not being tracked, known, or measured in Points vs. Hours
      • Insufficient Cross-Team Coordination
      • Leadership expects waterfall reporting
      • Leadership prefers to hide dysfunction rather than address it
      • Leadership not prioritizing
      • Leadership not supporting impediment removal

Download Scrum Pitfalls Pt. II Slides


The Happiness Metric 

The Scrum Pattern Language of Programing : The PLoP movement codifies well know Agile practices that have been successfully implemented many times.

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