Hyper-Productive Metrics

Hyper-Productive metrics are designed to help Scrum Masters carefully tune their teams into a hyper-productive state. Hyper-Productivity is defined as a 400% increase in Velocity over the baseline Velocity with corresponding quality. The best Scrum Teams average 750% gains with much higher quality, customer satisfaction, and developer experience. The baseline Velocity (100%) is established for a team during their first Sprint.

These metrics are tools to closely examine Teams and conduct experiments to improve their productivity. They can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly allows the evaluation of Teams in flight. Sprint-by-Sprint these metrics can guide the Team towards ever greater productivity. One caution, Hyper-Productive teams can be very fragile and need constant tuning. These metrics will allow you to see problems as they emerge.

These metrics are also applicable across Teams. Often it is difficult for management to determine the productivity of one Team versus another as Story Point value can vary from Team to Team.

Join Scrum Inventor Jeff Sutherland and the Scrum Inc. team to learn how to get your teams Hyper-Productive.

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