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Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is tasked with making Scrum work. They work intimately with the Team, sometimes as a member. Their primary task is to remove Impediments and guide the team in Scrum practices. The Scrum Master does whatever it takes to help the team succeed.

Scrum Masters are servant-leaders, not managers. They play the pivotal role of making sure Scrum is practiced well. The Scrum Master is accountable for the Velocity and the Continuous Improvement of the Team.

Estimated time for this course: 5 minutes
Audience: Beginner
Suggested PrerequisitesScrum Framework, Velocity, Impediments

Upon completion you will:

  • Understand the Scrum Master's role
  • Understand the Scrum Master's responsibilities
  • Learn the qualities of a good Scrum Master
  • Qualify for Scrum Alliance SEUs and PMI PDUs. See FAQ for details

The Art of the Scrum Master

Scrum Master Overview:
The Scrum Master accelerates the Team's Velocity by:

  • Removing impediments
  • Surfacing and implementing process improvements
  • Ensuring theTeam understands and adheres to best Scrum practices
  • Facilitating the Scrum ceremonies
  • Coaching the Team to self-organize and self-manage
  • Making sure the Team is cross-functional
  • Keeping the Team focused on a transcendent goal
  • Assisting the Product Owner to refine a ready backlog
  • Representing the Team to the rest of the organization
  • Protecting the Team from interruptions
  • Keeping Team morale high
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Qualities of a Good Scrum Master


Persistent people achieve success by continuing forward even when things are difficult.


Driven people are self-motivated and push themselves hard to achieve what they want.


People with a strong sense of service are constantly looking for ways to serve and help.


Good Listeners are able to listen intently to what people say and help people feel heard.


Catalysts motivate and inspire others to make things happen.


Enablers create the conditions for people to grow and develop for themselves.


Courageous people don’t let their fears dictate their actions.

Patterns & Papers

Scrum Master  

The Scrum Pattern Language of Programming codifies well known Agile practices that have been successfully implemented many times.

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