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Welcome to ScrumLab Open

ScrumLab Open is a free resource that explains the basic framework, roles and key patterns of Scrum. It includes clear definitions, insightful videos from the inventor of Scrum, as well as, published papers on Scrum Practices. ScrumLab open is perfect for the Scrum curious, the Scrum beginner or the advanced practitioner looking to refresh on the fundamentals.

We also offer a more in-depth online course: Scrum Startup for Teams.

You can also improve your Scrum by attending one of our Scrum Master or Scrum Product Owner classes. Advanced practitioners may be interested in reading Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum Papers, taking our Scrum@Scale training, or visiting the official Scrum@Scale site to download the latest Scrum@Scale Guide.

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Exploring Scrum’s Horizons: Expanding Possibilities in Regulated Industries

In this excerpt from ‘The Scrum Fieldbook: Faster Performance, Better Results. Starting Now.,’ author JJ Sutherland explores a common refrain from Scrum skeptics: ‘It can’t work here.’ Whether you’re in a complex, unpredictable, or high-stakes domain, the transformative power of Scrum, as demonstrated by U.S. Navy Commander Jon Haase’s experience, defies assumptions and yields a staggering 1250 percent increase in productivity in just 18 months.

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2023 Scrummer Reading List

Welcome to the 2023 edition of the Scrummer Reading List! As another exciting year unfolds, we continue our tradition of sharing the books and podcasts that have captured the hearts and minds of the Scrum Inc. team. Whether you’re seeking fresh perspectives, inspiration for personal growth, a deeper understanding of human dynamics, honing your Agile expertise, or simply indulging in some captivating escapism, we’ve got a handpicked selection for you.

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Scrum Spotlight: Saraounia Mboka-Boyer

This month, we are proud to spotlight Saraounia Mboka-Boyer, a visionary, and trailblazer at the intersection of social impact and agility. She utilizes the power of Agile frameworks to drive positive social change, empowering underserved and underrepresented communities worldwide to unlock innovation, resilience, and efficiency.

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Scrum Inc. Is Honored to Sign The Armed Forces Covenant

At Scrum Inc., we believe that those who serve their country deserve our utmost respect, gratitude, and support. We are proud to announce that Scrum Inc. has signed the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces Covenant, further solidifying our commitment to supporting those who serve and their families. Thank you to General Gwyn Jenkins CB OBE ADC and the Defence Relationship Management team.

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Creating a More Innovative and Inclusive World

Creating a More Innovative and Inclusive World   by the Scrum Inc. Team | March 3, 2023 | Blog   Those with the mindset and vision for transformational change deserve to be supported. When empowered, these brilliant minds and innovative thinkers become an...

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Announcing Scrum Inc. U.K.

“Our mission is to help organizations around the world achieve enterprise agility through the adoption of Scrum, Scrum@Scale, and Agile principles. Our new offices in the UK allow us to do just that.”

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2022 State of Agile Report – 5 Takeaways

The 2022 State of Agile Report is out and it includes a number of interesting findings. Scrum@Scale is now the fastest growing scaling framework in the world. And nearly nine-in-ten report their team uses Scrum. We examine the top trends and roadblocks identified by the report.

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Logos Are Not Enough

It’s not about colorful logos gracing email signatures for one month out of the year; this is more important. It’s about fostering a culture that acknowledges that our differences are our strengths, our similarities are catalysts, and keeping our focus on what matters for the task at hand.

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