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Getting to Done

The second value in the Agile Manifesto is to have working product at the end of every sprint. Yet only 20% of teams that call themselves 'Agile' actually do. There is a lot of bad agile out there. It doesn’t have to be this way. Getting to Done isn't impossible, it just requires discipline and focus.

Estimated time for this course: 85 minutes
Audience: Intermediate
Suggested PrerequisitesAgile Manifesto, Sprint Review, Definition of Done, Definition of Ready

Upon completion you will:

  • Know the difference between done and done, done
  • Understand the biggest impediments to getting working product
  • Know patterns and techniques to remove the biggest impediments
  • Qualify for PMI PDUs. See FAQ for details


Getting to Done Overview:
Scrum co-creator Jeff Sutherland shares share proven and often quite simple ways to move teams from mediocre to great. This online course will teach you how to quickly identify the reasons why teams aren’t getting to done, and tools to eliminate them one by one.
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