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Release Planning

The key question everyone wants answered in any project is “When will it be done?” From a business perspective knowing the best time to release a product is crucial to success. In Scrum, the Team strives to create a Potentially Shippable Product at the end of every Sprint. The key to Release Planning then is to figure out when just enough Business Value has been created to ship the product.

Estimated time for this course: 75 minutes
Audience: Advanced
Suggested Prerequisites: Product Owner, Velocity, Business Value

Upon completion you will:

  • Know how to create a Release burndown
  • Understand three different types of release planning
  • Learn how Agile Release Planning breaks traditional barriers
  • Qualify for Scrum Alliance SEUs and PMI PDUs. See FAQ for details

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Release Planning Overview:

Effective release planning is an essential skill set that all Product Owners must have to realize the full potential of Scrum. Company leadership should also understand release planning to know what to expect, and how to work well with Teams. Unfortunately many POs don’t fully understand release planning, leading to unpleasant last-minute surprises, conflict with Leadership and the Team, and potential value left on the table.

This course covers the key skills and tools for managing tradeoffs of time, scope and resources. The concepts are presented using several different approaches to planning product releases in Scrum and will give you immediately actionable ideas you can implement the same day.

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