The Daily Scrum

After Sprint Planning, the Team gets to work and meets every day for the Daily Scrum. All team members working on the Sprint Backlog need to attend and should standup to help keep the meeting short (no longer than 15 minutes). During the Daily Scrum, each Team member answers three question:

  • What did I do yesterday that helped the Team meet the Sprint Goal?
  • What will I do today to help the Team meet the Sprint Goal?
  • Do I see any impediment that prevents me or the Team from meeting the Sprint Goal?

The Daily Scrum is not a status report. This ceremony aligns the team and helps maintain open communication. As Jeff explains in the video below, it is an opportunity for team members to coordinate with each other. Attendees share ideas on how to complete Backlog Items and surface Impediments at the Daily Scrum. If an Impediment is too big to resolve during the meeting, those affected should coordinate afterwards. (Sometime Teams create a "parking lot" during the Daily Scrum in which the Team park topics that will need to be coordinated on after the ceremony.)

For beginning teams, we recommend those in positions of perceived authority not attend the Daily Scrum as it can make the Team feel monitored. When management is present, the Team may feel pressured to report progress every day (an unrealistic expectation) and uncomfortable surfacing Impediments.  Instead, stakeholders can work with the Product Owner to get the Backlog in a Ready state and support the removal of Impediments.



 Daily Standup 

The Scrum Pattern Language of Programming codifies well known Agile practices that have been successfully implemented many times.

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