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Since Sutherland formed the first Scrum Team in 1993 he has been continuously improving the Scrum framework. ScrumLab is the embodiment of 20 years of practicing, consulting and teaching Scrum. Here you’ll find clear definitions of Scrum terms, cutting edge research papers, insightful videos, online courses, and an array other material that give Scrum users the tools to implement, grasp and improve their Scrum. To Join just click the button.


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ScrumLab Alpha - What's Next

ScrumLab has been in minimal viable state for close to a year. Thanks to your feedback, we are very close to launching the new ScrumLab.

You told us that ScrumLab content is delightful but navigating the site was not.

In response we’ve completely migrated to a new agile platform. The new platform allows for easier navigation, the showcasing of more engaging con tent, and  the flexibility to customize the user experience to both enterprises and user groups. We will be porting ScrumLab incrementally so look for greater and greater functionality week-to-week.

Any further feedback would be marvelous. Thanks for your support, The Scrum Inc. Team