Potentially Shippable Product

Potentially Shippable Product is the sum of the Product Backlog Items delivered each Sprint.

Delivering Potentially Shippable Product each Sprint is fundamental to the Scrum framework because when work is divided into simple pieces it can be finished in a short period of time. By accelerating the creative process and putting a functioning product in the hands of the user, the Team can gather feedback more quickly than it otherwise would have. To achieve this feedback loop on a Sprint-by-Sprint basis, Scrum Teams deliver Potentially Shippable Product at each Sprint Review.

The keys to creating working product at the end of each Sprint are:

    • A cross-functional Team with all the skills necessary to complete the Sprint Backlog.
    • Quality User Stories with explicit definitions of Ready and Done.
    • A Product Owner with the ability to prioritize backlog into vertical slices of functionality.

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