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Welcome to ScrumLab Open

ScrumLab Open is a free resource that explains the basic framework, roles and key patterns of Scrum. It includes clear definitions, insightful videos from the inventor of Scrum, as well as, published papers on Scrum Practices. ScrumLab open is perfect for the Scrum curious, the Scrum beginner or the advanced practitioner looking to refresh on the fundamentals.

We also offer a more in-depth online course: Scrum Startup for Teams.

You can also improve your Scrum by attending one of our Scrum Master or Scrum Product Owner classes. Advanced practitioners may be interested in reading Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum Papers, taking our Scrum@Scale training, or visiting the official Scrum@Scale site to download the latest Scrum@Scale Guide.

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Scrum in Sales: Monotype

Monotype, an on-demand digital typesetting and typeface design services company and longtime client, implemented Scrum in their sales teams to maximize their pipeline, improve team culture, and find opportunities to enhance prioritization during the pandemic.

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Scrum Success: Embracing The Ability To Adapt

Generally, at organizations, big decisions are made far away from those tasked with carrying them out. Vision and priorities are little more than concepts unless teams are empowered to make them a reality. Scrum Inc.’s Jack Harmening and Kendra West share this Scrum Success story.

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How The Agile Manifesto Came To Be

In February of 2001, 17 prominent thinkers from the world of software met at a ski resort in Utah. Together, they created the 4 values and twelve principles that became known as the Agile Manifesto. On this 20th anniversary Dr. Jeff Sutherland, a signatory of the Agile Manifesto talks about how it came to be.

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One Way To Reboot Your Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is not just an Event, it’s an opportunity to replan, refocus, and align on your Sprint Goal. Scrum Inc.’s Scott Downey shares his approach for making your Daily Scrum the most important 15-minutes (or less) of your workday.

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Scrum Trainer Spotlight: Ethan Soo

This month, the Agile Education Program powered by Scrum Inc.™ is thrilled to spotlight Ethan Soo. Ethan is a standout member of the Scrum Trainer community and has been critical to the program’s growth since joining as a Scrum Trainer…

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2020 Scrum Guide Changes and Updates Explained

The 2020 Scrum Guide contains numerous updates and changes that make it the best guide yet. Scrum co-creator Dr. Jeff Sutherland, along with JJ Sutherland, Avi Schneier, and other members of the Scrum Inc. team explain what’s new in the 2020 Scrum Guide, what’s been removed, and the reason for each of the changes.

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SolarWinds and Cybersecurity: Using Scrum To Improve National Security

Cybersecurity must continuously evolve, adapt, and be quickly deployed in order to be effective. Failure to keep pace with the innovation of ‘bad actors’ turns the software we rely on into unguarded digital flanks ripe for exploitation and attack. Consultant Denise Jarvie uses case studies and her real-world experience to explain how the Scrum Framework is uniquely suited to mitigate the risks of cyber attacks.

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Cells, Teams, and the 2020 Scrum Guide Update

2020 Scrum Guide The 2020 Scrum Guide is shorter, more focused, and has One Team. In addition to tying the three artifacts to goals with commitments, we addressed two of the biggest challenges in the industry - servant leaders who don’t lead and self-organizing...

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Product Goal

The Product Goal describes a long-term objective or future state of the product. It is a vital part of the Product Backlog, referred to in the Scrum Guide as a commitment. The Scrum Team uses the Product Goal to plan against and maintain focus.

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