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Welcome to ScrumLab Open

ScrumLab Open is a free resource that explains the basic framework, roles and key patterns of Scrum. It includes clear definitions, insightful videos from the inventor of Scrum, as well as, published papers on Scrum Practices. ScrumLab open is perfect for the Scrum curious, the Scrum beginner or the advanced practitioner looking to refresh on the fundamentals.

We also offer a more in-depth online course: Scrum Startup for Teams.

You can also improve your Scrum by attending one of our Scrum Master or Scrum Product Owner classes. Advanced practitioners may be interested in reading Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum Papers, taking our Scrum@Scale training, or visiting the official Scrum@Scale site to download the latest Scrum@Scale Guide.

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Book Review: Adopting Agile Across Borders

Is there such a thing as a universal “Agile culture”? Authors Glaudia Califano and David Spinks examine that and more in their new book Adopting Agile Across Borders. It is a fascinating and insightful read for Agile practitioners and anyone interested in learning how to harness diversity.

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Warfighter Summit

AGILE OFFENSEFOR BETTER DEFENSE 2021 Military Agility Forum    Brought To You By:The place where top leaders in the defense sector   dominate new territory using agile implementation.     This was a dynamic dual in-person and virtual experience featuring a mix of...

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2021 Scrummer Reading List

Great stories told well are the best information radiators. So every year, we share the books and podcasts that have captivated members of the Scrum Inc. team. Whether you’re looking to learn something new, challenge your way of thinking, understand how humans interact, improve your Agile skills, or are just looking for a bit of escapism, the 2021 Scrummer Reading List has something for everyone!

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Is Your Scrum Training Paying Off?

Like any other upskilling or reskilling efforts, companies need a way to determine whether the Scrum training they bought provided the ‘bang for the buck’ they expected. Scrum Inc.’s Avi Schneier examines four metrics you should consider in making this determination.

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Hybrid Team Launch

HYBRID IS HERE.ARE YOU READY? Set your teams up for success in the new reality of hybrid working.Let our experience eliminate your learning curve.  Is your company prepared for hybrid working environments?  Struggling to identify the best way to approach this new...

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