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Announcing Scrum Inc. U.K.

Announcing Scrum Inc. U.K.

The quest to achieve organizational agility and improve business outcomes is universal. No matter if your organization is enterprise, military, or government.

This is why we at Scrum Inc. are excited to announce our new, full-time presence in the United Kingdom: Scrum Inc. UK, a newly formed company headquartered in London.

This expansion increases our ability to support our rapidly growing client base in the UK. In particular, we are proud of our work with customers across the Ministry of Defense and equally proud to be a signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant. Our continued commitment to delivering on the mission of UK Defense was recently recognized with a Bronze Award from the Employee Recognition Scheme. Scrum Inc. UK’s mission is to provide the highest quality Agile training and holistic consulting services throughout the region, and the world.

"We are thrilled to be formally opening our new office in the UK. Britain has moved into the cutting edge of Agile Transformation. Scrum Inc. A UK base gives us a platform to deliver revolutionary change to organizations in one of the most dynamic regions on the planet,” said JJ Sutherland, CEO of Scrum Inc. "Our mission is to help organizations around the world achieve enterprise agility through the adoption of Scrum, Scrum@Scale, and Agile principles. Our new offices in the UK allow us to do just that.”

Operationalizing agility is more important than ever in today's fast-paced and constantly changing business environment. Organizations, no matter their size or industry, must have the ability to adapt and respond quickly to change to succeed.

Scrum Inc, UK joins Scrum Inc. Japan and our network of more than 200 Authorized Agile Education providers and partners to provide a truly global presence. Scrum Inc. is well-equipped to support organizations wherever they are based and anywhere they operate in their journey toward business agility.

The Scrum Inc. Difference

Today’s successful organizations are built on innovation, resilience, and efficiency. These companies rapidly adapt to changing markets and seize the opportunities others miss.

The best leaders understand this. And so do we.

Scrum Inc. has long been the global authority on both Scrum (the most widely used Agile framework) and Scrum@Scale (the fastest-growing Agile scaling framework).

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive suite of Agile services to support you on every step of your Agile journey. From consulting services to foundational and advanced training, agile assessments, leadership workshops, team launches, and adaptive scaling. All our services are delivered with a specific goal in mind - achieving your business agility.

We partner with you to develop a customized roadmap to fit your unique context.

Our holistic approach accelerates implementation and boosts the return on your investment.

Our expanded on-the-ground footprint in the United Kingdom allows us to ensure both regional and global organizations have a trusted advisor ready to help them become self-sustaining agile organizations.