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Scrum Spotlight: Saraounia Mboka-Boyer

The Inspiring Intersection of Social Impact and Agility

This month, we are thrilled to introduce Saraounia Mboka-Boyer, a true visionary and trailblazer at the remarkable intersection of social impact and agility. While numerous individuals harness the potential of the Scrum framework and other agile methodologies primarily for business-driven objectives such as revenue growth and market demand, Saraounia's motivation stems from a unique, distinct perspective. Her "why" extends beyond traditional business goals, as she harnesses the power of agile frameworks to enact positive social change and, ultimately, change the world.

A Journey Driven by Purpose

Saraounia's journey towards embracing Scrum and agility was not a predetermined path, but rather a fortuitous discovery. Her quest for a more impactful and transformative approach to serving nonprofit organizations and NGOs led her to Scrum and the team at Scrum Inc.

In the early stages of her career in the humanitarian field, Saraounia was often frustrated by prolonged timelines and inefficient solutions. These challenges motivated her to seek out innovative ways to tackle complex problems. Consequently, she felt driven to explore new avenues for her professional growth, driven by the desire to make a meaningful difference. Recognizing the tremendous potential of Scrum, Saraounia set out on a mission to become an expert in the framework, aspiring to leverage her industry knowledge to benefit humanitarian organizations on a global scale.

SMB on a personal mission partnered with Rising Solutions to deliver impact in East Africa (Rwanda and Kenya)

Saraounia teaming up with Rising Solutions to drive impact in East Africa while out of office.

When reflecting on her journey, which eventually led her to her current role as an Enterprise Agile Transformation Consultant at Scrum Inc., Saraounia recognizes the transformative power of every job. To her, each role throughout one's career serves as a stepping stone towards fulfilling one's ultimate purpose, shaping and molding them along the way. In her pursuit of a better way of working within humanitarian groups, Saraounia just happened to find herself at Scrum Inc., an organization she didn't anticipate finding. She firmly believes that this particular stepping stone, however, is equipping her with the necessary tools, skills, and network to continue to serve her ultimate purpose.

For Saraounia, Scrum Inc. embodies her vision of creating an environment where individuals are not only listened to, but also empowered to drive lasting, positive change. She commends the shared values fostered within the organization and appreciates the autonomy granted by Scrum Inc.'s CEO, JJ Sutherland. With Scrum Inc., Saraounia finds herself in a position where she can empower enterprises with effective tools and methodologies to enhance productivity and revenue, while actively working towards her ultimate goal of empowering social impact initiatives.

Introducing Process Efficiency and Scrum Values to NGOs

Saraounia's relentless dedication to revolutionizing humanitarian efforts through the application of the Scrum framework has sparked a number of unique, yet powerful, transformations. Central to her belief is the idea that through education and training, teams can liberate themselves from traditional, rigid hierarchical approaches and embrace adaptive, collaborative practices. This profound shift in mindset, from rigidity to agility, not only has the potential to enhance the efficiency and productivity of humanitarian groups but also nurtures a culture founded on trust, empowerment, and transparency. It is this very culture, with the Scrum Values as its guiding principles, that possesses the extraordinary potential to shape governments, influence generations, and uplift communities in immeasurable ways.

One area that Saraounia places particular emphasis on is the significance of social cohesion and conflict resolution in regions plagued by unrest. With unwavering conviction, she firmly believes that Scrum can serve as a pivotal force in fostering collaboration and joint ventures, ultimately leading to the creation of improved environments for all stakeholders involved. By embracing the principles of Scrum, all troubled regions have the opportunity to break down barriers, bridge divides, and establish a foundation of mutual understanding and progress.

Saraounia's visionary approach highlights the profound impact that agile methodologies can have, extending far beyond the realms of productivity and efficiency. By championing the values of Scrum and advocating for its implementation in the humanitarian sphere, she paves the way for transformative change, where innovation and collaboration become catalysts for social betterment. Through her tireless efforts, Saraounia exemplifies the potential of Scrum to shape a more harmonious and prosperous future for communities facing adversity.

Creating Happy and Diverse Workplaces

As an Inclusion Engineer, Saraounia firmly believes that cultivating happy and diverse workplaces is crucial for the success of every organization. In her view, an Inclusion Engineer is someone who strives to create and foster environments where individuals, regardless of their identity, can access information and actively contribute value in their context.manner. Recognizing the inherent worth and contributions of every individual, irrespective of factors like race, identity, education level, age, or class, an Inclusion Engineer endeavors to establish inclusive and accessible spaces.

Saraounia asserts that by embracing the Scrum Values of respect, openness, courage, commitment, and focus, anyone can become a champion of inclusivity and diversity within their organization. As an Agile Transformation Consultant at Scrum Inc., she has guided numerous clients in creating and fostering environments that celebrate diverse perspectives. These environments deliver, a competitive advantage that propels innovation forward.

The Best of Both Worlds

Throughout Saraounia's career, the question of balancing social impact and profitability has arisen. Many enterprises adopt agile methodologies or implement Scrum with the primary goal of increasing revenue. Saraounia Mboka-Boyer, however, emphasizes the potential for achieving both objectives simultaneously. Rather than considering social impact and financial success as mutually exclusive, leaders should recognize their interconnectedness. Organizations can make a positive impact and foster consumer engagement by aligning profit with social causes, exemplified by initiatives like the razor company's support for cancer research through 'Movember'.

Saraounia cites successful examples such as Bloomberg and Microsoft, which have effectively incorporated social impact into their core business practices. These companies have not only transformed people's lives but also become renowned for financial information and essential software tools. Leaders should emulate their approach, striving to scale their impact, promote inclusivity, and reflect the environments in which they operate. By striking a balance between profitability and social impact, organizations can unlock competitive advantages and contribute to building a better world.


Saraounia's effort to introduce Scrum and other agile methodologies to humanitarian groups, non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and underserved communities demonstrate the profound impact that a determined individual can have on an entire community. Her unwavering commitment, expertise, and recognition of the power of agility are revolutionizing organizational approaches, leading to happier, more efficient, and more diverse workplaces.

Saraounia's work stands as a compelling reminder of the transformative power of the Scrum framework, capable of bringing about positive change in any industry, community, or group. As we celebrate her achievements, we find inspiration to follow her path, embracing the principles of Scrum to foster a more inclusive, collaborative, and resilient world.