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Scrum QuickStart™ Launches For Individuals & Organizations To Supercharge Productivity 


The new on-demand course offering leverages decades of experience to allow adult learners to learn at their own pace while building broader organizational alignment  


Cambridge, Mass., US. The Agile Education Program (AEP) powered by Scrum Inc.™ is on a mission to help enterprises, government organizations and individuals overcome resistance to change in their pursuits of organizational agility. Today, the Scrum consulting and education leader unveiled its new Scrum QuickStart™, an on-demand course offering designed to be the fastest way team members can embrace agility, utilize a common language to achieve alignment and quickly unlock the values of Scrum. 


“CEOs, managers, government leaders and individual team members can now unlock the power of Scrum with an on-demand education solution that builds rapid organization-wide alignment,” said Scrum Inc. CEO JJ Sutherland. “Scrum QuickStart circumvents the typical friction facing the embrace of Agile and quickly establishes common workflows and collaboration practices that dramatically improve productivity.” 


John Deere used an earlier version of Scrum QuickStart and has already trained thousands of people in the Global IT group, including those who aren't on Scrum Teams but who work closely with them. 


“People can take it at their own pace and they can go back and review it whenever they want,” said Ryan Trotter, a principal Agile coach with more than 25 years of experience in various capacities at John Deere. “It really hit a sweet spot for our software engineers.”


Coinciding with the 30 year anniversary of Scrum, the new on-demand course offering leverages decades of experience to provide adult learners with an engaging video solution that allows them to learn at their own pace, while building broader team- and company-wide alignment. 


“When we first benchmarked Scrum 30 years ago, it was enabling teams to produce ten times as fast as other project management frameworks. We’ve boiled down the key principles into a course offering that enables any organization to go Agile,” said Scrum Inc. Founder and Chairman Dr. Jeff Sutherland. He is credited with being the co-creator of Scrum, the most widely used Agile framework for improving performance. 


A great complement to Agile Education Program’s live instructor-led training, Scrum QuickStart is the first in a series of video on-demand offerings available for individuals and enterprises, providing the foundation knowledge to begin leveraging the most widely used agile framework.  


“Resistance to change and misalignment are common struggles for organizations seeking agility,” added Dr. Sutherland. “These challenges can range depending on the industry, team dynamics and individual learning needs, and that’s why we’re committed to offering modern learning modalities that can scale infinitely to serve the unique needs of every enterprise and person on the planet.” 


Scrum Inc.’s live instructor-led and on-demand training are informed by Scrum Inc.’s consulting business, which takes a hands-on approach to accelerating organizations through their Agile transformation. 


The Agile Education Program sets the educational standards for Scrum globally through credentials and curriculum aligned with Dr. Sutherland’s decades of experience helping organizations improve performance, and the hundreds of trainers contributing to Scrum globally. Scrum QuickStart improves the ability of these standards to scale and catalyze businesses and governments around the world. For example, Dr. Sutherland personally oversaw the implementation of a Scrum-inspired Agile framework in Tokyo, Japan in 2019 to help organizations in the Japanese market incorporate high-productivity, low-waste ways of working into their business operations. 


Scrum QuickStart features premium video quality, including fresh content from Scrum Inc.’s AEP trainers and interactive features such as on-screen animations to guide learners. Only Scrum Inc.’s AEP Trainer graduates are authorized to teach this curriculum and certify students through the Agile Education Program. See a teaser clip below featuring AEP trainer Megan Fremont-Smith: 

For organizations, team leaders and individuals interested in trying Scrum QuickStart, please visit:

About Agile Education Program powered by Scrum Inc.™

The Agile Education Program powered by Scrum Inc.™ provides educational standards for Scrum globally. It was launched to provide individuals and organizations with a clear path to implementing Scrum in a way that delivers results. Our credentials and curriculum are based on decades of experience and research helping organizations improve performance. We firmly believe that a core element of productive change, adaptation, and continuous improvement requires voluntary participation. For more information, visit:

About Scrum Inc.™

Scrum Inc. helps business leaders around the globe achieve business agility that delivers quality products and services faster than ever before. Founded in 2006 by co-creator of Scrum and Agile Manifesto signatory Dr. Jeff Sutherland, its global team of Agile experts provide consulting and training services to empower teams to reach better outcomes. It has a proven track record of helping organizations unlock their full potential and improve business outcomes. For more information, visit: