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Scrum in Innovation

Learn how Agile teams are using a systematic and comprehensive innovation framework with real metrics, meaningful dashboards, and a concept called "ideascrum" to power an innovation revolution.

Estimated time for this course: 60 minutes
Audience: Intermediate
Upon completion you will:

  • Learn the practices of Agile Innovation
  • Strategize your role in the global context
  • Learn how to accelerate progress
  • Learn how to reduce risk
  • Qualify PMI PDUs. See FAQ for detail
Scrum in Innovation
Innovation is now a top priority for every organization. This webinar provides an overview of Agile Innovation and Design by the principal thought leaders in this emerging arena. Through this webinar you will better understand the core principles of agility and innovation and what it could mean to your organization to spark rapid progress in the innovation practices, processes, attitudes, and environment in your organization.
Course Slides:

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