Attendees at on of our public Scrum courses

Scrum Inc. is the premier provider of Scrum training.

The basics of Scrum are easy. Implementing them is hard, but over two-days we will teach you how to do it effectively. Drawing on decades of knowledge implementing Scrum in hundreds of companies from it's inception to today, we will teach you not only what you need to do, but why, and what patterns you should follow for success. A combination of group exercises, facilitated discussions, case studies, tool examples and open Q&A are used to illustrate the principles being taught. This course is for people at all levels of Agile practice. We offer regular courses in Boston and across Europe. Register here.

The Product Owner is the key to any successful Scrum implementation. Learn the essentials of the role in this intense two-day class. Through hands-on exercises and insightful teaching this course will teach you how to handle the many responsibilities of Product Owner. You will learn how to estimate business value and use it to manage and prioritize product backlogs, plan releases, and track metrics. This course also covers how to scale Scrum projects from one team to hundreds. This course is designed for people with a working knowledge of Scrum concepts. Offered every other month in Boston and regularly in Europe. Register here.

Want to use the benefits of Scrum to manufacture a better product? Our Scrum + Extreme Manufacturing course will help you get started. It combines all the theory of an advanced Scrum principles workshop with hands-on experience applying the theory to physical product development. Participants will build a car from end-to-end and learn how to architect products in modules so that you can iterate faster, leverage manufacturing techniques that minimize switching cost and organize physical product teams like agile software teams. Attend in Seattle or at your site.

Leadership Workshop

Our Leadership Workshop is designed to familiarize participants with Scrum terminology and philosophy, outline Scrum tools and metrics to ensure full transparency of the process, and define roles clearly. Particular focus is given to how leadership teams can maintain and enhance their traditional goals of building shared vision, maintaining transparency on progress, and driving accountability using Scrum's constructs and tools. The workshop includes an explicit discussion of what leaders should and should not expect from a Scrum team at different phases of implementation. Contact us here to hold a workshop for your leadership.

For content focused on your particular needs and goals our trainers can come to your location and work with your teams. Contact us and we can work with you to come up with custom tailored solution.

Scrum Inc.'s online courses deliver cutting edge Agile practices. Presented by Scrum thought leaders, the courses cover everything from Agile Architecture and Contracts, to Business Value and Management Metrics. New courses are broadcast live on the final Wednesday of every month. Designed for the experienced professional looking to expand their knowledge. These courses are also valid for continuing education credit with both the Scrum Alliance and the Project Management Institute. Get access here.

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