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Agile Leadership Workshop


Our Leadership Workshops are interactive, customized one-day sessions that provide the background, tools, and metrics that an agile executive needs to understand business agility from a C-Suite perspective. Our coaches will engage with your leadership team and provide the details of successful Scrum practices, an overview of how an agile enterprise operates, and a clear vision for your organization to implement agile from the individual team level to a network of teams, and finally, across the entire enterprise.

Upon completion, the leadership team will understand how Scrum enables organizations to deliver value faster and reduce waste. More importantly, they’ll understand the critical role the C-Suite plays in the success of an agile transformation and be prepared to lead their organization to true business agility and market success.

What to Expect from the Agile Leadership Workshop

Go See

Go See (Genchi Genbutsu)

We begin with a “Go See” (as described by Taiichi Ohno in the Toyota Production System) where we talk with employees at all levels to understand the state of the organization.

Leadership Workshop

After the Go See, our coaches deliver a tailored Leadership workshop to the C-Suite based on the insights from the Go See.

Deliverable - Action Plan

We’ll collaborate with leadership to generate a context-specific action plan for increasing enterprise agility and reducing waste.

What We’ll Cover with Leadership

  • Review the Go See with a focus on opportunities for and challenges to increasing organizational agility
  • Understand how an agile enterprise can out-maneuver “rigid” organizations and win in the marketplace
  • Learn the core elements of Agile and Scrum from an executive perspective
  • Understand how leadership drives and supports an agile enterprise
  • Collaborate to create specific and actionable solutions to your organization’s challenges
  • Identify a high-value agile pilot project and the steps for a successful launch

We’ll Help You Unleash the Power of Agility

In our Leadership Workshops, we work with top executives to help them improve business agility and aggressively accelerate their success. We do this by identifying a high-value project and defining the “Readiness” requirements for turning it into an agile pilot.  We collaborate with the leadership team to build a context-specific project roadmap that provides the tangible actions leadership can take to clear the path for the pilot team and create an environment that ensures their success.

In any organization, change is hard and senior leadership plays a pivotal role in the success or failure of an agile initiative. We’ll share the patterns and practices of high performing teams, identify your unique organizational and cultural strengths and impediments, and set you on the path to true business agility.