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Coach the Coaches


Expertly trained Scrum Masters and coaches are critical to your company’s business agility. Our intensive workshop will help your internal Scrum Masters and coaches become highly effective change agents. Coaches will learn to transform your company’s way of working through practicing with real-life scenarios in an educational workshop environment.

This workshop is designed for students who already have real-world Scrum knowledge and experience.

Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how to create and sustain high performance both at the team and enterprise level. They will learn techniques to improve team autonomy and accountability through a better understanding of their own coaching style and advanced facilitation methods.

Finally, after giving your team time to practice what they’ve learned, Scrum Inc. coaches will follow up with the students to ensure they are successfully putting their new skills into practice.

What to Expect from Coach the Coaches

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Coaches will identify their coaching styles and learn how to most effectively apply that style to create high-performing teams.


Coaches will develop their understanding of how to elicit meaningful feedback from teams and apply it towards continuous improvement. They will learn new retrospective formats and techniques for creating a psychologically safe environment.

Professional Development Plan

Coaches will learn to assess where they stand in each dimension that makes a Scrum Coach great and build a personal backlog designed to help guide their professional development.

What We’ll Cover with Coaches

  • Exercises based on real-world challenges to give you hands-on experience.
  • Understanding how to communicate effectively to get buy-in from leadership.
  • Learn techniques for dealing with difficult conversations in a way that allows all parties to walk away feeling better.
  • Understand how team working agreements can maximize communication during events.
  • Gain expertise in facilitating targeted workshops focused on the skills your teams and organization need most.

Putting the Master in Scrum Master

At the heart of every successful agile transformation, you’ll find passionate, capable Scrum Masters and Coaches. Through our Coach the Coaches course you’ll learn insights and patterns of success that have been used to transform Fortune 100 companies into modern success stories. From novice Scrum Masters to veteran coaches, our Coach the Coaches course is a valuable resource for Agilists at every level of experience. This workshop offers a deep dive into the advanced practices needed to successfully coach and mentor self-organized and empowered teams. We use real-world examples to address students’ questions directly so attendees can immediately apply what they’ve learned with their own teams.