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Team Launch


Research shows that up to 60% of a team’s success is defined before the team launches; A clear indication that high performing teams don’t just happen, they are created from the ground up. 

Gain confidence that your teams are set up for success and prepared to deliver twice the work in half the time with Scrum Inc.’s Team Launch.

Whether you’re looking to launch a pilot, expand the number of teams in your organization, or boost the success of existing teams, our industry-leading approach will ensure that your teams have the training, shared vision, and capabilities necessary to succeed. We help you build effective teams and go beyond the basics to make sure they understand the practices and patterns used by high performing Scrum Teams.

With focused, customized guidance, your teams leave our program delivering value and ready to continually improve.


What to Expect from Team Launch Workshops

Go See

Shared Vision

Organizational goals are broken down into actionable Product Backlog Items

Team Formation

From identifying Product Owners to training Scrum Masters and Team Members, Scrum Inc.’s experts make sure your teams have all they need to succeed

Start Sprinting

Your Scrum Teams hit the ground delivering with coaching to help along the way

Our Team Launch Process

Leadership Discovery and Kickoff

  • Conduct a “Go See” to understand your organization’s context and specific challenges and opportunities
  • Create an action plan with leadership to address the challenges and capitalize on opportunities
  • Launch Leadership Teams to empower your Scrum Teams by identifying and solving impediments

Team Training and Formation

  • Identify internal candidates for key Scrum roles
  • Train your Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Team Members in the Scrum framework 
  • Form cross-functional teams able to consistently deliver value

Shared Vision and Mission

  • Create a coherent, actionable backlog which connects strategy and priorities to execution
  • Build team level backlogs so the entire organization is aligned around a shared vision
  • Prime your Scrum Teams with 1 to 2 Sprints of ready backlog

Start Sprinting

  • Start your Teams with a clear understanding of what is needed and when
  • Embedded coaches help your teams become high-performing
  • Provide additional follow-up as needed to continue your path to business agility

A Better Way to Launch

Scrum is simple to understand, but difficult to master. Over the years, we have found that teams supported through these initial steps develop better internal practices that allow them to accelerate faster than unsupported teams. By the end of our Team Forming Workshops, your teams will have an initial backlog sufficiently defined and aligned with business priorities which they can use to guide their ongoing work.