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One of the core principles in Scrum is the idea of continuous improvement. Each Sprint the Team engages in an inspect-and-adapt cycle during the Retrospective meeting. Beyond that though, the Scrum Guide doesn’t offer much insight into how to run a successful Retrospective and how to use the meeting to improve production, quality, and velocity.

There are numerous ways to run a Retrospective and in this Online Course, Scrum Inc. lays out the ones we consider to be most powerful, easiest to implement, and engaging. Retrospectives can be daunting, true honesty and self-examination can be uncomfortable. It’s one reason some teams try as hard as they can to avoid them. This course will give you tools that you can instantly apply in your next retrospective to unearth insight without blame, and corrective action without recrimination.

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2 Responses to “Retrospectives Online Course”

  1. Christine Watkins says:

    Was not able to attend live. Had a question. Does the Kaizen that you put in the backlog for the next sprint get story points and count towards velocity?

    • Joel Riddle says:

      Depends on the Kaizen. On occasion the team may have to assign it points. For example, just last sprint Scrum Inc. had a Kaizen of making our relationship with partners more visible. That included creating a skills tree and reaching out to a couple of them. There were points associated with the work of creating the documents and making the phone calls. Its up to the team if they want to create separate stories outside the Kaizen and assign those stories points or included them in the Kaizen and assign the Kaizen points.

      However, most of the time, the Kaizen is simply a goal with no overhead associated with it. For this sprint, Scrum Inc. has a Kaizen for better managing sales interrupts. We increased our interrupt buffer by 100%. This had no effort associated with it so we didn’t give it points.

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