Happiness Metric

The Happiness Metric is a simple, fast, and effective way of surfacing the kaizen, or process improvement, during the Sprint Retrospective. Everyone knows instinctively that happy people do higher quality work, delight customers, and contribute to a better workplace. More and more, talented people simply won’t work in command and control environments based on punishment and blame, they’d rather be happy.

Here's the basic outline of how the Happiness Metric works. During the Sprint Retrospective each person on the Team answers just a few questions:

      1. On a scale from 1–5, how happy are you about your role?
      2. On the same scale, how happy are you about the company?
      3. Why do you feel that way?
      4. What one thing would make you happier in the next Sprint?

That’s it. It can be done in a just a few minutes. Every person on the team takes a turn, and it can spark quite insightful conversations. Together the Team usually comes up with a kaizen quite quickly. The method exposes what is most important to each Team member and what they think is most important for the company.

This one-hour online course with the Scrum co-creator Jeff Sutherland will show you in detail why maintaining your Team's happiness is absolutely crucial to accelerating your Velocity

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