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Increasing Revenue in the Enterprise

Our scrum leadership classes and courses are directed at leaders looking to leverage scrum to drive revenue across their business unit or enterprise. If you’re not a member, visit our pricing and plans page for more detail.

Scrum at Scale Part 1

Alex Brown and Jeff Sutherland present Scrum at Scale Part I – an object-oriented model for scaling Scrum across the business. The modular approach allows for the overall system to work together even if individual modules aren’t agile. Visit the full course page.

Disruptive Leadership

Jeff Sutherland, Scrum Inc’s CEO and co-Creator of Scrum, talks about disruptive leadership and the inspiration for his book The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time at TEDx in Aix en Provence, France.

All Scrum Leadership Topics

Is Your Scrum Training Paying Off?

Like any other upskilling or reskilling efforts, companies need a way to determine whether the Scrum training they bought provided the ‘bang for the buck’ they expected. Scrum Inc.’s Avi Schneier examines four metrics you should consider in making this determination.

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Hybrid Team Launch

HYBRID IS HERE.ARE YOU READY? Set your teams up for success in the new reality of hybrid working.Let our experience eliminate your learning curve.  Is your company prepared for hybrid working environments?  Struggling to identify the best way to approach this new...

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Scrum in Sales: Monotype

Monotype, an on-demand digital typesetting and typeface design services company and longtime client, implemented Scrum in their sales teams to maximize their pipeline, improve team culture, and find opportunities to enhance prioritization during the pandemic.

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Scrum Success: Embracing The Ability To Adapt

Generally, at organizations, big decisions are made far away from those tasked with carrying them out. Vision and priorities are little more than concepts unless teams are empowered to make them a reality. Scrum Inc.’s Jack Harmening and Kendra West share this Scrum Success story.

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People & Culture: How Yesterday’s Weather Whisked Us To Better Focus

Problem: As Human Resource or People Operations folks, or as folks in any type of operational role for that matter, LOTS of unplanned work is a reality and a necessity. But, it takes away our focus. It drives us to multitask, which we know, from lots of research, decreases our productivity. All of that context switching slows us down. We have projects to get done! Change to manage!

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How The Agile Manifesto Came To Be

In February of 2001, 17 prominent thinkers from the world of software met at a ski resort in Utah. Together, they created the 4 values and twelve principles that became known as the Agile Manifesto. On this 20th anniversary Dr. Jeff Sutherland, a signatory of the Agile Manifesto talks about how it came to be.

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One Way To Reboot Your Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is not just an Event, it’s an opportunity to replan, refocus, and align on your Sprint Goal. Scrum Inc.’s Scott Downey shares his approach for making your Daily Scrum the most important 15-minutes (or less) of your workday.

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