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Increasing Revenue in the Enterprise

Our scrum leadership classes and courses are directed at leaders looking to leverage scrum to drive revenue across their business unit or enterprise. If you're not a member, visit our pricing and plans page for more detail.

Scrum at Scale Part 1

Alex Brown and Jeff Sutherland present Scrum at Scale Part I - an object-oriented model for scaling Scrum across the business. The modular approach allows for the overall system to work together even if individual modules aren't agile. Visit the full course page.

Disruptive Leadership

Jeff Sutherland, Scrum Inc's CEO and co-Creator of Scrum, talks about disruptive leadership and the inspiration for his book The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time at TEDx in Aix en Provence, France.

All Scrum Leadership Topics

Leadership Dashboard

Leadership Dashboard How can Agile leaders use Scrum’s ability to make work visible to support informed business decisions and efficiently coordinate teams toward a focused goal? The key is getting the right information at the right time with Scrum…

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The Future of Work

Scrum has reached a tipping point. It has become clear it is the future of work. The dramatic productivity gains are just too great and companies large and small are turning to Scrum either to innovate, or to keep up with their competitors...

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