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Scrum in HR

Engage, Equip, Empower.

Meet and exceed the challenge of change with people power.

Scrum in Human Resources

Scrum Is Revolutionizing Human Resources

From employee engagement to policies and procedures to recruiting and retention, Scrum helps HR teams create people practices that enhance the work of the organization while limiting risk. Earn your Scrum in HR Registered Scrum Master credential today.

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Learn How Scrum Can Transform Your
HR Policies and Practices To
Deliver Optimal Value

Are you ready to break through the constraints of ever-increasing compliance regulations, executive expectations, and employee demands? Our highly interactive Scrum in HR course is built around real-world case studies that will help you not only manage, but optimize the complex balancing act it requires.

Participants of the Scrum in HR course will learn how to effectively and efficiently use agile principles in their organization to increase customer value and employee engagement while supporting the strategic vision of the company.

You will also gain a deep understanding of organizational success, people development, and the benefits of the continuous feedback cycle throughout the entirety of this course.

Need a sign-off to attend? Download our Scrum in HR Info Sheet to share with your Continuing Education approval team.

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Engage, Equip & Empower

Now, more than ever, there is a need to be innovative while engaging, equipping, and empowering your people to meet the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace. Scrum is perfect for the task.

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Reduce employee burnout and improve engagement & quality.

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Help your organization adopt and cope with inevitable market changes.

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Save time and money by reducing waste and impediments. 

Explore the Latest in Thought Leadership

Leading Insights in
People + Culture

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Does ‘Without Power’ Always Equal ‘Powerless’?

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What is Your Personal Cost of Delay?

What is Your Personal Cost of Delay?

We each have an inner critic. And they can be paralyzing. Still, as Scrum Inc.’s Brian Hackerson explains, we must learn to listen to that inner critic in order to change it to an inner advocate. Reducing the time it takes to make that switch works the same way as reducing decision latency in a Scrum Team or Agile organization.

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Book Review: Adopting Agile Across Borders

Book Review: Adopting Agile Across Borders

Is there such a thing as a universal “Agile culture”? Authors Glaudia Califano and David Spinks examine that and more in their new book Adopting Agile Across Borders. It is a fascinating and insightful read for Agile practitioners and anyone interested in learning how to harness diversity.

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Who Should Take the
Scrum in HR Training?

Are you an HR professional that is:

• Challenged by silos, juggling multiple initiatives, and responding to change after change

• Frustrated by a lack of buy-in from employees on practices and processes

• Looking to leverage new tools & tactics that solve these challenges, creating a truly people-centered culture

employee experience - group of happy diverse employees

Then you’ll want to join our upcoming Registered Scrum Master™ + HR course. In this course, you’ll discover insights and strategies from decades of success in training people to become high-performing Human Resource Professionals, Scrum Masters, and Scrum team members in businesses around the globe. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and review of real-world case studies optimized for Human Resource teams across a diverse set of industries, you will learn how to implement the Scrum framework. Utilizing the Scrum framework in your organization will significantly improve your way of doing work, help you respond to change effectively, greatly enhance company culture, and accelerate performance.

Perfect For:

➢ Human Resource Professionals ➢ Employee Performance Managers
➢ Operations Managers ➢ People Operations
➢ Talent Recruiters ➢ Training & Development Specialists
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Overcome Objections

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Shape Culture

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Support Business Strategy

Scrum in HR helps Human Resource professionals lead with people-centered policies and practices to empower individuals, teams, and organizations.

What You’ll Learn:

✔ How Scrum is being utilized by Human Resource teams and how it helps solve many common People + Operations issues

✔ How Scrum helps develop people-centered practices and policies that increase engagement and accelerate performance

✔ Why Scrum helps reduce negative impacts on workplace culture when implementing new policies and practices

✔ How Scrum enables constant, effective communication and feedback

Want to learn more right now? Watch our free webinar that explores how and why Scrum helps Human Resource professionals tackle some of their most pressing challenges.

Course Prerequisites: This training is for all levels of Scrum experience. There are no prerequisites.

Earn your Registered Scrum Master™ credential with HR Endorsement signed by Scrum Co-Creator, Dr. Jeff Sutherland.

Why Now?

HR professionals face increasing challenges. There is more complexity in the workplace and the pace of change is accelerating. Now, more than ever, there is a need to be innovative while engaging, equipping, and empowering your people to meet these challenges. Scrum is perfect for the task.

What Students Are Saying:

“My learning experience exceeded my expectations. I found the course to be very interactive with concise communication. The game and the team activities helped to solidify the information being taught. This learning experience boosted my confidence to put scrum into practice.”

Aisha D., Private Company, Scrum Master Course

“The training was great. The trainers stayed on track while still answering questions and the balance of learning vs. practice was also really well balanced. It felt like each time I was reaching capacity with the material, we either had an activity to break it up or a break.”

Laura H., Assistant to the Director of PeopleOps, Scrum in HR Course

“The instructors were able to use real world examples extensively to describe scaling techniques. In addition, using Scrum throughout the class was a great way to reinforce previously learned techniques for running Scrum amongst teams.”

Paul W., Financial Data and Media Company, Scrum@Scale Course

Company-specific, Employee-centric

Ensure compliance and workforce safety while cultivating the engagement and personal development of your employees. You CAN have it all.

You’re being pulled in multiple directions with competing priorities. We understand. Let us show you a better way of working. 

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