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by Kamaria Hill | December 4, 2020 | Blog

Holiday Gift Guide For the Scrum Enthusiast

It’s always a delight to find that one gift that perfectly suits the personality of the recipient. It not only elevates your gift-giving status but also comes with the sweet satisfaction of brightening another person’s day. 

The question is, what do you get your favorite Scrummer? Luckily scouring the web for the perfect Scrum-themed gifts just happened to be on our backlog this Sprint. Here are some of our favorite finds...


Scrum Holiday Gift Guide Ideas

Personalized Post-It®Holder

Don’t dismiss the analog! The sticky note is easily a Scrummer’s best companion. Since we haven’t come across a sticky note pocket protector or utility belt (yet), here’s the next best thing. This personalized Post-It® holder makes putting one more item on your ‘to do’ list a tad more bearable.

“Straight Outta Backlog” T-Shirt

Backlogs, they’re not just for white boards, digital tools, and walls anymore! Show the world your love of backlogs with this Scrum twist on a classic motif.

Goal Digger Mug

Product Goals. Sprint Goals. Let’s be honest, we dig goals. So fill this mug with your favorite hot beverage and start crushing it in style!

The Hygge Game

“What’s the longest line you’ve ever stood in? And what were you waiting for?” — When lockdowns were well underway, our team used Hygge cards during our virtual daily standup as a way to deepen our interactions. We found that these ‘cozy conversations’ helped us connect in ways that brought a sense of calm and comfort during uncertain times. Loaded with thoughtful questions intended to spark meaningful conversations, we can’t help but think that during normal times this game will continue to bring team members together. Great for virtual team building exercises.

‘Let’s Parking Lot That’ Button

Why keep manually doing a task that can be automated? This button plays a recorded message every time it’s pressed. Which means you can climb out of the latest rabbit hole without having to say a word. Keeping to a timebox has never been easier, or more fun!

Hot Potato Game

Someday, hopefully soon, we can all hold an in-person Daily Scrum. And boy, will we have a lot to say. That’s where this little musical potato comes in. When the music stops, your time is up!

Scrum on the Go Whiteboard

Did you know that Scrum #IRL (i.e. in real life) is an actively searched term? Scrum isn’t just for the workplace. Take your backlog anywhere it’s needed with this on-the-go board. One of our in-house Scrummers uses it to manage projects at home, including their little ones’ homework.

Scrum Fieldbook

In this book, JJ Sutherland shows how the Scrum framework can be successfully applied to any situation, in any industry, from automobile manufacturers in the US and Europe to nonprofits in Africa, from home renovation contractors in Minnesota to gas exploration companies in South America, from building fighter planes in Sweden to accelerating US Navy special forces teams. If you’ve ever sat through a Scrum Master or Product Owner class hungry for more examples and case studies on its application, or if you’ve ever wondered ‘how will this work for my business,’ then this book is for you.

scruminc poker planning app

Planning Poker App

Make your planning session a breeze with the Scrum Inc. planning poker app. Choose from the Fibonacci sequence or t-shirt sizes. It’s available on both the Apple App and Google Play store.

We hope that this Scrum-inspired gift guide has helped you this gift-giving season. If nothing else, we hope it has made you smile. No matter what makes it onto your gift-giving list, online shopping is on track for an all-time high this year so be sure to place your orders early to avoid postal delays. Happy Holidays!

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