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Jeff Sutherland presented a management keynote in Germany at the Management 3.0 Stammtisch on 4 December 2017. Jürgen Ditmar started the Stammtisch meetup 5 years ago after starting Management 3.0 classes because participants wanted to continue the discussions in the class and to learn and exchange more ideas.

The Stammtisch takes place every month (beside August). It’s an open and free event for everybody interested in the perspective of new leadership and management and it has initiated spin offs in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Nürnberg.

Based on the ideas of Management 3.0/Managing for Happiness  it’s all about how to develop, manage and lead a healthy agile and modern organization. The format differs: sometimes Jürgen runs workshops (e.g. Agile games, non-violent communication, Nexus, LeSS, Scrum@Scale), or has discussions (5 Dysfunctions of a Team, M3.0 Examples) or hasspeakers (Jeff Sutherland, Craig Larman, Jurgen Appelo, etc.)

Management 3.0  - initiated by Jurgen Appelo - is a book (leading agile developers – develop agile leaders), mindset, training, network combined with an ever-changing collection of games, tools, and practices to help any worker to manage the organization. At the moment there are more than 200 M3.0 facilitators hosting trainings in 136 countries and speaking 20 languages. With close to 100 trainings Jürgen is the most experienced trainer worldwide.

Jeff has spoken at several Stammtisch events in the past. The 53rd Stammtisch was standing room only with people spilling out into the hall. An energetic discussion was had by all with particular emphasis on the Role of Management in Scrum and Scrum@Scale.

Download Managers Role in Scrum Munich 2017.

Visit the official Scrum@Scale website to learn more about Scrum@Scale and download the free guide.


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