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Scrum Spotlight: Dahm M. Hongchai: Improving Society, Education, and Business to Create a Better Normal

Dahm Hongchai smiling with open arms from a video segment on a PBS program in Thailand​Meet Dahm M. Hongchai, Scrum Inc. Trainer and Agile Coach. He is the founder of OCADEE in Bangkok, Thailand. With 15 years lean and agile experience, Dahm uses his know-how to freely share and open up new possibilities in his country, community, and society at large. Dahm has endless passion for Scrum and a strong vision for how agility can be the catalyst for positive change in the World.

This month, we are highlighting Dahm for his generosity, compassion, and impact. He has worked tirelessly to help Thai citizens and healthcare workers by volunteering as Scrum Master and Agile Coach for Thai CoCare. This group of volunteers has delivered one app: CoCare (to help people access healthcare while in quarantine) and CoCast (to help healthcare workers precast and connect with vendors for personal protective equipment needs).

During development, the Thai CoCare team started with one-week Sprints but quickly realized they would need even shorter work cycles to keep up with the constant rate of change. They moved to one-day Sprints, starting each day by establishing their plan for that day, and ending each day with a 20-minute retrospective where the team reflected on their learning and shared what they were thankful for. This rapid inspection and adaption enabled the team to deliver two apps that are making an impact in profound ways; as Dahm puts it, “it’s about saving lives, not money.”

Besides that, Dahm also volunteers with students to help them develop critical agility skills and has donated his time to work with Thai businesses to help them focus amidst the crisis. Dahm is 100% committed to the betterment of society, education, and business because, as Dahm puts it, “only when these things are in balance, can humanity roll together.” It is his life’s passion and purpose to create a better normal and baseline for all people and for that, we are truly grateful.

To Dahm and all of the other Scrum Inc. Trainers around the World who embody the Scrum Values and work hard every day to make a lasting, positive impact on the world of work and beyond, we thank you!

Share your inspiration and passion by telling us how you are leveraging agility to make an impact in the comments below.

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