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Registered Agile Coach™

Influence, Implement & Impact
Unlock Agility for your Teams and Organization

Agility Is No Longer Optional

Agile Coaches are the leaders in Transformation

Your expertise in Agile has helped deliver better outcomes. Now it’s time to advance to the next level and help ensure companies survive and thrive in a market that’s constantly changing. Develop the skills necessary to build confidence and open doors. Become a Registered Agile Coach™ today.

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Learn How Agile Coaches Drive Impact and Measurable Results

Successfully completing our Registered Agile Coach™ course proves you are ready to lead the next iteration of Agile transformations. Your expertise and experience, combined with our rigorous training equip you to tackle some of the toughest challenges companies eager to remain competitive are facing. Without clear guidance alignment across teams, resistance to change, and the inability to pivot while achieving or maintaining high-performance and delivering quality products will be their downfall. Your ability to direct teams and organizations in agile practices ensures they don’t meet this fate.

You’ll leave the five-day training with the skills, knowledge, and toolset to effectively lead teams and organizations through their agile transformations.

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Proven Methods That Get Powerful Results

Effective Agile coaches understand what works for them and those they help. This is why we take an Agile approach to the art of coaching itself. Our Registered Agile Coaches know how to continuously improve their own coaching style and the results of their teams. 

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Learn the fundamentals of effective coaching styles. Identify coaching pitfalls so that you can avoid them.

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Implement processes that minimize organizational dysfunction and mitigate resistance to change.

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Learn how to continuously improve your coaching style while identifying metrics that measure the impact of coaching.

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Agile Coaching

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Agile Leadership: Trust vs. Control

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Executive Action Team

Executive Action Team

Responsibilities of the Executive Action Team Transitioning from traditional project management to Scrum is a paradigm shift. Too often, leadership believes implementing Scrum is a simple process change that can be delegated. Leadership must own an Agile transition...

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About the

Agile Coach Training

Who Should Take Our Registered Agile Coach Course™? Our Registered Agile Coach™ course is designed for Scrum Masters and Coaches who would like to strengthen their abilities, take charge of the learning in their company, and help groups of teams function in the larger ecosystem of their organization. Registrants should already have a Scrum Master credential, as well as real-world Scrum knowledge and experience.

Upon completion of the course, Registered Agile Coaches will become members of the Scrum Inc. Coaching Community. You will receive a Registered Agile Coach™ certificate, join our Scrum Inc. Coaching Forum with previous graduates, and be listed in the International Registry of Agile Professionals.

Perfect For:

➢ Experienced Scrum Masters ➢ Agile Trainers
➢ Experienced Product Owners ➢ Professional Coaches
➢Project Management ➢ Enterprise Trainers
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Shape Culture

Our Registered Agile Coach course helps you develop and refine your personal coaching style; identify how to deliver the highest value as you lead teams through agile transformations, as well as, implement metrics that quantify the value and impact of coaching.

Why Take The Registered Agile Coach Course
with Scrum Inc?


Expertly trained coaches are critical to a company’s business agility. Who do you trust to give you the context, skills, and understanding necessary to lead the next generation of Agile professionals?

Scrum Inc. was founded by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum, creator of Scrum@Scale, and signatory of the Agile Manifesto. Our instructors aren’t academics – they’re practitioners who continue to successfully help transform organizations in a wide range of industries. 

Each trainer has an established record of successfully implementing the concepts and techniques they share in class. You’ll leave our course knowing not just what needs to be done, but how to do it. 

What Students Are Saying:

“Very practical and applicable tools were provided. Being able to hear others’ experiences and challenges and how they are dealing with and overcoming them was very helpful.”

Jill W., VP – Noble Research Institute

“It's nice to see official guidance for Agile Leaders.”

Ash T., Managing Director, Agilityzer

“I really enjoyed the conversations and hearing about others’ experiences, lessons learned, challenges, successes.”

Kaye B., Agile Transformation Consultant, Scrum Inc.

Ascend the Next Level In Your Agile Career

Companies are looking for leaders like you. Agile Coaches continue to be in high demand by top companies across a diverse set of industries. Position yourself to help these companies deliver the results they desire. You are the critical link.

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