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Scrum Hardware: eXtreme Manufacturing Explained

A continuously improving blast of new, high-quality products which get the marketplace excited, tests assumptions and makes money;  That is the goal of Scrum Hardware.

To Scrum hardware, we need fast design. The rules of Scrum give us a powerful and tested framework for new product development. To design with quality in short cycles, we need fast tests in the same room as design. To release to production from the same room as design, we need flexible manufacturing. That’s where eXtreme Manufacturing comes in. It provides the technical practices to test and select the tools, materials, orientations, and flows that can give us mass-production quality with no additional cost to build something better than what we just built. This is how we achieve continuous deployment without over-extending our resources.

To see a lap around the eXtreme Manufacturing technical practices, please watch this video excerpt from our Scrum Hardware course. In it, my colleague and friend Paolo Sammichelli provides an overview of eXtreme Manufacturing.


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