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Driving Continuous Improvement

Find a vast array of advanced scrum topics and patterns that can increase your Team’s Velocity. Online courses and classes for Scrum Masters, Scrum Product Owners, and those team members seeking continuous improvement. If you’re not a member, visit our pricing and plans page for more detail.

Patterns: Finish Early, Accelerate Faster

Finish Early, Accelerate Faster (FEAF) is a Scrum pattern language composed of  a number of Scrum Patterns used together. FEAF is an incredibly powerful pattern language because it will help new Teams establish good practices and take experienced Teams  Hyper-Productive; defined as a Velocity 400% higher than a Teams’ initial Velocity.

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Scrum Retrospectives

One of the core principles in Scrum is the idea of continuous improvement. Each Sprint the Team engages in an inspect-and-adapt cycle during the Retrospective meeting. Beyond that though, the Scrum Guide doesn’t offer much insight into how to run a successful Retrospective and how to use the meeting to improve production, quality, and velocity.

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All Continuous Improvement Topics

Book Review: Adopting Agile Across Borders

Is there such a thing as a universal “Agile culture”? Authors Glaudia Califano and David Spinks examine that and more in their new book Adopting Agile Across Borders. It is a fascinating and insightful read for Agile practitioners and anyone interested in learning how to harness diversity.

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Warfighter Summit

AGILE OFFENSEFOR BETTER DEFENSE 2021 Military Agility Forum    Brought To You By:The place where top leaders in the defense sector   dominate new territory using agile implementation.     This was a dynamic dual in-person and virtual experience featuring a mix of...

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