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Watch Distributed Teams Webinar

Watch Distributed Teams Webinar

Distributed Teams: Mitigating Business Risk in Uncertain Times This free webinar explores how your business can mitigate a significant business risk imposed from the Coronavirus by activating distributed Agile teams. Watch Now Feel Free To Enjoy the Webinar Now How to...

Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles We asked you to tell us about the Scrum challenges that your team is facing in the field. In this video, JJ Sutherland and Jess Larsen tackle some of the most common and challenging questions. Estimated time for this course: 45 minutes...

Scrum in Military Aviation

Scrum in Military Aviation Building a Jet Fighter Faster, Cheaper, Better with Scrum Advanced military systems are some of the most expensive and complex research, design, and manufacturing challenges in the world! The question is: "How do you control the costs while...

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