Burndown Chart

The Sprint Burndown Chart makes the work of the Team visible. It is a graphic representation that shows the rate at which work is completed and how much work remains to be done. The chart slopes downward over Sprint duration and across Stories completed. 

The important thing is that it shows Team progress towards the Sprint Goal, not in terms of time spent but in terms of how much work remains. If the burndown line is not tracking downwards by mid-Sprint, the team needs to quickly implement the Emergency Procedure pattern. Check-out the slide show below to see an array of Burndown warning signs. 

It is important for the Scrum Master help the Team to act early rather than drifting toward Sprint failure. For a background understanding of the Burndown Chart see the video.


Sprint Burndown Chart

Visible Status

Emergency Procedure

The Scrum Pattern Language of Programing movement codifies well know Agile practices that have been successfully implemented many times.

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