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When Jeff and I wrote Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time one of our hopes is that it would help spark an Agile revolution inside of companies. As we wrote, the way the world works is broken. It's always nice to find blog posts like this one.

Paul Demarco, the co-founder of the Canadian marketing firm Intrigue Media, listened to the audio book about six months ago and instantly seized on the idea of using Scrum not for software, but for marketing. The results, as he writes, are clear:

1. We are Completing 6-12 months of Work in Three Weeks

This part has so many implications. This helps us avoid the constant back and forth with our clients by multiple team members every single month. Our clients love this process because they get to see everything up front and don’t have to worry about the monthly task of checking content and having to approve everything.

2. Clients Love the Process

Not only do clients love not having the back and forth, but they also love the quality of work that they are seeing. In every approval session we have held so far, we have gotten approval on everything that we present, which was not our experience when we were completing work every month for these clients.

3. Our Team Loves the Process

Our team is finding that they are more ‘in the loop’ on the projects they are working on. They understand the big picture of what the clients are trying to accomplish and they are a part of the process every step along the way. They are also finding that they are producing higher quality work in much less time. Being able to focus on one type of business over a three week period lets them stay in that mindset, get into flow, and accomplish so much more during that time.

Oh, and they like being able to focus on what they do best everyday as well which is performing their initiatives versus trying to hunt people down on the phone for content and approval.

Six months in three weeks. Now that's acceleration.

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