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At the Scrum Alliance Scrum Gathering in San Diego, I presented a keynote talk on The Shu Ha Ri of Scrum. Pete Behrens tweeted a graphic summary.

The first point in the orange box is "If you want to Scale Scrum get it working on the team first!" Scrum@Scale™ is a fractal implementation of Scrum teams. Everything is Scrum as defined in the Scrum Guide and to perform well, the individual Scrum teams must perform well. In the upper right of the graphic, we show the goal "Twice the Work in Half the Time" at scale. Only globally distributed Scrum teams have demonstrated linear scalability (double the number of teams and you double production while maintaining twice the work in half the time). A good measure of success is the recent Saab Technologies webinar. For the Saab Grippen aircraft, time to market, intial cost, and lifetime cost were reduce by 80%. This is the effect of doing twice the work in  half the time. When we published the first paper showing this, the academic reviewers said it had never been done before! It can only be done with Scrum@Scale.

Starting off with Generation 1.0, the graphic shows the mechanics have to be in place. Often the CEO does not have an Agile Mindset in the Shu (beginner) state. In Generation 2.0, the organization starts to adopt an Agile Mindset (the Ha state) and the CEO changes the roles of management. The organization starts to refactor itself. To complete the transformation of the organization in Generation 3.0, the CEO has to have an Agile Mindset and is communicating, embedding, and training the entire organization in agility. Only then can you achieve the Ri state.

The upper left of the graphic shows three dimensions of scaling - larger numbers of Scrum teams, Scrumming across the organization, and distributing Scrum teams. The graphic shows there needs to be a Scrum team driving the transformation, the Executive Action Team. And a Scrum of Scrums needs to be a delivery/release time. Not shown on the graphic is an Executive MetaScrum team that prioritizes the entire backlog of the organization and regularly meets to refine priorities and ensure the organization is following priorities agreed upon. Thus a minimum viable bureaucracy for scale is (1) a Scrum of Scrums (as a release team), (2) an Executive Action Team (that removes organizational impediments) and (3) an Executive Metascrum (that prioritizes everything in the organization and has the authority to execute on those priorities). All Scrum teams follow the Scrum Guide and have a potentially shippable increment of product at the end of every sprint.

The Scrum Alliance will be posting a video of the presentation soon. Meanwhile, the slide deck is posted here: Scrum at Scale Keynote Scrum Gathering Apr 2017