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Scrum Inc. has been a Trifork partner for over a decade in many parts of the world, especially Denmark and Switzerland. Last week I visited Trifork in Copenhagen to do a Scrum Master course and a Scrum@Scale course with Jens Ostergaard. See lower right in photo of Scrum@Scale Train the Trainer Workshop last January.

As an interesting aside, Trifork bought the Ericsson 4 racing boat that won the Volvo Ocean Race in 2008-2009, retrofitted it with some new technology, renamed it the L4 and won the Ocean Race in 2018. Their innovative CEO, Joern Larsen has always been about speed and now with a growing global company has some fun as well.

Of particular interest were two well-attended meetups where I presented a Scrum@Scale overview on how this non-prescriptive framework targets business agility, using Scrum across an entire organization to increase company valuation and stock price. We have been using this model at Open View Venture Partners since 2006 to double venture capital returns compared to competitive approaches. The first meeting was at the NETS Agile Meetup and the second GOTO Copenhagen. Both were held near the Copenhagen airport. Download slides below.

GOTO Copenhagen NETS Meetup S@S Jan 2019