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How to Launch a Scrum Team

We share our step-by-step backlog for launching new teams or reinvigorating old ones. Three different perspectives from three Scrum Inc. coaches on how to launch a Scrum team and how to overcome the most common impediments.

Estimated time for this course: 75 minutes
Audience: Advanced
Suggested PrerequisitesScrum Framework, Team

Upon completion you will:

  • Know how to create an initial backlog
  • Learn to develop a Team Working Agreement
  • Know how to establish a Team Definition of Ready and Done
  • Understand how to implement a plan for impediment resolution
  • Be able to plan and begin the first Sprint
  • Qualify for Scrum Alliance SEUs and PMI PDUs. See FAQ for details.




Team Launch Overview:

One of the biggest levers to a successful Scrum implementation is a Team Launch. This helps the teams understand exactly what is expected of them as they move from traditional project management to Agile. Being a part of a team isn't always emphasized in waterfall but in Scrum, being on a team that works intimately together everyday in the same room is of paramount importance. Having a working team agreement, and shared upon definitions of ready and done are the first steps to achieving team spirit. 

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