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Get Hyper-Productive with Scrum Metrics

Hyper-Productive Metrics are tools that help closely examine Teams and conduct experiments to improve their productivity. They can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly they allow the evaluation of Teams in flight. Sprint-by-Sprint these metrics can guide the Team towards ever-greater productivity.

These metrics are also applicable across Teams. Often it is difficult for management to determine the productivity of one Team versus another as Story Point value can vary from Team to Team.

On Wednesday, August 26th, Jeff Sutherland and legendary Agile coach Scott Downy of Rapid Scrum gave an hour-long webinar on Hyper-Productive Metrics. The online course broke down 10 KPIs and talked through their application. By using these key Scrum metrics, Scrum Masters are able to spot problems such as the team pulling into much work, sandbagging, or leadership applying pressure to the Team.

You can view a recorded version of the webinar on ScrumLab. Join and get 30 days access to all Scrum Inc. Prime content at no cost.

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