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Scrum Inc. Awards its first ever Scrum Capability Rating to First Line Software, of St. Petersburg Russia

This summer Scrum Inc. launched its Scrum Capability Assessment program. The Assessment was carefully developed and exhaustively tested to give teams and companies measurable and detailed insight into the health of their Scrum implementation. The results are targeted, actionable steps organizations can take immediately to improve. Companies demonstrating a top-notch Scrum implementation are also recognized for their performance with a rating and award.  The intent is to recognize companies that go the extra mile and implement a thorough and thoughtful Scrum that delivers excellent results.

Scrum Inc. is pleased to recognize First Line Software, based in St. Petersburg, Russia with the first Scrum Capability Medallion for their strong Scrum. First Line The Scrum Inc. team assessed three client development teams and senior leadership at First Line in September 2012.  Their strong performance earned them the first Bronze Rating, and management is eager to expand the evaluation program to other teams.

“The new service from Scrum Inc. can finally provide the answers. A clear and straightforward assessment process gauges Scrum Inc. capability assessmentyour Scrum maturity and culminates in an honest appraisal of the present situation and clear recommendations to improve the delivery process,” said Nick Puntikov, President of First Line Software. “ My hat is off to Jeff and the team. I have no doubt that First Line will continue to pursue this assessment annually, and that this investment will give us an important competitive advantage in the market.”

About the Scrum Capability Assessment

The Scrum Capability Assessment is a focused and minimally disruptive process that rigorously examines a company’s Scrum practices from top to bottom. It assesses the capabilities of the teams actually doing the work, and tests leadership engagement, practices, and priorities. The result is a ScrumScore® that is analyzed to produce a prioritized list of opportunities for improvement, including suggestions on how to address them and estimates of the incremental business value those recommendations will bring.  Companies that demonstrate mature Scrum practices will be awarded one of three different Scrum Capability Rating Awards in recognition of their accomplishment: Bronze, Silver, or Gold.  For more about the assessment and ratings, please see our Assessment page.

Jeff Sutherland, founder and CEO of Scrum Inc. and the Co-Creator of Scrum, explained, “Scrum and other Agile methodologies are becoming ever more prevalent, and it has become fashionable to say that a company 'is Agile'. The Scrum Inc. Capability Rating was developed based on my experience to recognize those companies that back this assertion up with action, and demonstrate that they are actually executing Scrum well at the team level.”

About Scrum Inc.

Scrum Inc., headquartered in Kendall Square, just steps away from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is not only the place where Scrum began, but where it continues to evolve as the world’s leading Agile methodology. The company provides training for individuals, teams, business units and whole companies. Founded by the co-creator of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the team works with people at every level of an organization, from production and development teams, to research scientists and managers, to directors and C-level management. Scrum Inc.’s team of Agile experts train, consult and coach leading companies across the globe, from start-ups to CMMI Level 5 firms. They have experience working in industries as diverse as health care, pharmaceuticals, software, manufacturing, consulting, law, construction, sales, and defense. The company also is the home to thought leaders of the Scrum world. Team members regularly publish scientific papers in leading journals that reflect the latest thinking and research on Scrum and Agile management and processes. CEO Dr. Jeff Sutherland wrote and maintains The Scrum Guide, with Ken Schwaber. It is the definitive document defining what Scrum is, and how it works. He also helped write and is a signatory of the Agile Manifesto the seminal document that introduced the very idea of Agile to the world.

Contact: Christine Hegarty 617.225.4324

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